Is this an alien? No, it’s an animal called ‘tardigrade’… but it sure looks like an alien [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Can you believe that is not a fictional creature; it is an extremely small animal known as ‘tardigrade’ that lives on Earth. In this particular photo, the tardigrade is one millimeter long and is crawling on moss.

Fun facts: tardigrades can survive for 10 years or more without food and water; can survive in extreme environments: below freezing and above boiling temperatures, under extreme pressures greater than that of the deepest points in the ocean, and can live in outer space; and can withstand solar, gamma, and ionic radiation.

…Yeah, I’m not convinced these things aren’t aliens.

[via NASA, Wikipedia, image credit: Nicole Ottawa and Oliver Meckes]

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  • riya

    I wonder what kind of bizarre animals are out there… yet to be discovered.

  • Tom

    Nah…. that’s a newborn Shar-pei pup.

  • Mike

    I rarely post this comment, but: is this creature really real?!? It looks like something outfitted in a polyester spacesuit of some type . . . .

    But, the Wikipedia link:

  • Susanne

    There’s a hilarious SF short story from many years ago in which evil aliens have “invaded” earth and are threatening all sorts of terrible things should Earth not surrender to their superior strength. On the communication screens, they look huge. Turns out they’re teeny tiny little things & their ship is the size of a pea. IIRC it’s destroyed by accident. This little guy reminds me of that, complete with space suit! You do come up with the most amazing things, Ashraf.

  • Mayank

    Is it really true!!
    I still can’t believe my eyes!! :P

  • JMJ

    The most amazing, seemingly impossible animal I’ve ever heard of! Thanks for sharing.