How people searched for information prior to Google [Image]


…I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a library.

[via MakeUseOf]

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  • Mr.Dave

    [@WildCat] I agree with you on that. I haven’t had time for reading for fun for a long time now, something I miss! Books are better than reading on a screen. I hope libraries can stick around for many more years.

  • WildCat

    Just went to the library and dropped of some books tonight actually. Past 3 days finished last two Tom Clancy novels and on the waiting list for Jim Butcher’s newest Dresden Files novel.

    Google, internet, smartphones, etc are good “on the fly”, for research, etc. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t know how long I would want to HAVE to go without my PC. But to me, there is still something special about “curling up with a good book.”

  • Mr.Dave

    [@Mario] You’re making me think * I * had it easy!

  • Mario

    Hi Mr. Dave,
    back in 1968 when I started college, I don’t remember of our library having micro-film!! Just rollodex cards. Computer terminal? What was a computer terminal? Though we had a copier…

  • Mr.Dave

    In college I had to use a paid search service (Nexus?) to do what Google does faster and better for free.

    I would fill out a form, checking what types of journals or other sources to search, give a list of keywords, hand it to the school Reference Librarian. I think it took many days to get my search results, printed on paper, back from the library.

    THEN I could go to several libraries, hoping they might have one or more of the publications or books. Often they would have an archive of a particular magazine, but the issue I needed was missing. Much of what I wanted was on microfilm, so I would have to write my notes based on looking at a view screen – no “Print” button. Stuff that was on paper could be copied for 5 cents a page (it’s 25 last time I looked!). I had to keep my notes on hand-written index cards, and re-type all the text into a final paper using a computer terminal at school when I could find an available unscheduled hour to sign up.

    Now I use Google, Scrapbook addon in Firefox, Evernote, Ashampoo Snap or FireShot, MS Word (still on 2000!). All available whenever I need it. Text and pics are re-usable AND searchable. Web-based OCR is excellent and free.

    Yeah, I think kids today have it easy! I’m hoping all the new technology lets them focus on learning and not the mechanics of finding, collecting, and using information.

  • Maurice

    Oh the days of the library basement and micro-film, (ugh).

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I think this may be more horrifying than your AVG crapware story. I always hated going to the library to do research papers for school — so much time wasted digging through tomes to find that one nugget of information you needed. The kids today with their Googles don’t realize how easy they have it!