Google vs Bing for “how to commit suicide” search queries [Image]


I just verified this myself. It is completely true. Actually, I lied; it is mostly true. The only difference is, for me Bing shows “how to commit suicide” as the first (not second) instant search suggestion when I type in “how to com”.

The irony here is Bing gets a lot of crap for more adulterated search results than Google. But if you think about it, in this situation Bing is providing less censored search by offering “how to commit suicide” in instant search and not directing people to a hotline. However, this may be a case where less censorship is not the more desirable option.

[via MakeUseOf]

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  • Becca

    I can confirm this from the UK, Google gives a helpline but Bing and Yahoo offer ‘instant results’ ;(

  • Seamus McSeamus

    My question is why does one need to do an Internet search for how to commit suicide? If your own imagination is insufficient, a couple episodes of Law and Order: SVU would give you a few ideas.