Google announces ‘Google Shopping Express’, provides “low cost” same-day shipping of goods bought online


There are three big reasons physical stores are still in business despite the onslaught of online shopping websites: some things you just can’t buy online, some people like to “touch” products before buying them, and shipping of goods bought online typically takes three or more days unless you pay for expensive express shipping. Google is looking to solve that third dilemma with their recently announced ‘Google Shopping Express’ service.

Google Shopping Express is an initiative by Google which allows consumers to buy products online from various retailers and local shops and have those products delivered on the same day with little extra cost. The key word here is “little extra cost” — same-day shipping already exists for most online shopping websites but is very expensive, so most people don’t opt for it unless absolutely necessary.

Google Shopping Express is not a delivery service per se. Rather, it is more like Amazon Marketplace. According to an official blog post made by Tom Fallows (product management director of Google Shopping Express), Google Shopping Express will be some sort of portal or website from which you can purchase products from national retailers “such as Target, Walgreens, Staples, American Eagle and Toys’R’Us/Babies’R’Us” along with local area-specific shops like “such as San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Coffee, and the Bay Area’s Palo Alto Toy & Sport and Raley’s Nob Hill Foods”. Once a product has been purchased and paid for, you select a delivery time and the product will be delivered by Google to you on the same day as you ordered.

Currently Google Shopping Express is in pilot stage and not yet available to the masses; Google is testing it in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. (If you live in the Bay Area, you can sign-up to be a pilot tester if you are interested.) Presumably if the pilot is successful, Google will start to roll out Google Shopping Express to other areas in the United States and potentially internationally.

I’m not exactly sure how Google plans on making this work. Maybe in heavily populated metropolitan areas, but in less populated or rural areas? I have my doubts. After all, if Amazon — a company that does this for a living — can only do two-day delivery with Amazon Prime, I’m not keeping my hopes high for Google Shopping Express. This isn’t the Internet Google; real stuff doesn’t travel at the speed of light. Still, best of luck. If it works, I’d love to use it.

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  1. Seamus McSeamus

    Sounds a bit like the scheme Walmart is talking about…person A orders something online from their local Walmart, person B, typical Walmart shopper, delivers said purchase to person A at their home.

    I cant see myself using that system. Who wants some random stranger knocking on their door. At least the UPS guy is doing his job, but Jimmy the crackhead stopping by to drop off my new crock pot just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  2. MerryMarjie

    I’m no retail genius but I can’t see how cost-effective this move could be. The proposition that someone get the merchandise, drive a car, go through traffic and deliver to a house in person is just daunting. All I can picture is “time of delivery not available” or “your order must be over $XX.XX for delivery,” and the whole system cratering at the first glitch. More power to them if they can effect this scheme, but it almost seems too good to be true.

    II agree with Kalmly as to sales tax added, and I already search Amazon for products from other retailers who don’t charge tax but who deliver through the trusted site. Sometimes the slightly higher price will offset the outrageous percentage of tax charged.

  3. kalmly

    I never minded adding the cost of shipping to my purchases because I avoided the high sales tax required by the state in which I live. Now that Congress has decided to force the collection of sales tax, my online shopping will be minimal.