Windows Search’s index database file is 72 GB on this computer! [Image]


Holy. Crap. How does that even happen?

This may be an outlier but this is another reason to disable Windows index and use a third-party desktop search program like Everything or UltraSearch.

(By the way, the program being used in the screenshot is WinDirStat.)

[via Reddit]

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  • bobberup

    Jane, The slang used here is less derogatory than on many other sites. We may not like what is used as American Slang English, but, it is what it is. Until we start educating ourselves first and our children the correct language usage we have no one but ourselves to blame.

    To CALL ANYONE un-American is (in my opinion) as derogatory as one can be. And, further who is an American. I believe if you look at a map, you will see that there is a continent called North America and another one called (named) South America, plus the connecting Central America. Now who is an American?

    I feel that this is an important project and all those who work on it should be complimented publicly and if they make a mistake (GOD forbid!) do it privately.

  • Merlin

    First thing I do on a newly installed Windoze computer is disable the indexing on all disks.

  • Ashraf

    [@Shawn] iTunes is one of the most bloated programs I’ve ever seen

    [@Jane Adams] I am an American so… yeah. If you wanna get me a British or Aussie or [insert name here] passport, I’ll learn proper English. :-P

  • Jane Adams

    I love your blog but lately the use of crap,shit and other swear words are making your site sub-par. Also try to stop using silly American slang words like wanna. Your English was much better before you tried to be an American. IMHO.

  • Shawn

    Been there done that now I’ve got a batch file on a winpe disk that I boot up once a week and goodbye to all the useless stacking up garbage on my pc…

    But seriously when 1/3rd of your harddrive is a search index log… that’s just ugly…

    What also crazy is this machine has Flight Simulator on it… I can see the 2 major filetypes regrouped in one area (bgl and dds files)

    And you gotta love the 7.2gig of unknown extension files…

    Want to see something impressive look at a windirstat of a active itune user… the harddrive a mess…