How Linux is built and used [Video]

Interesting. How many of you knew any of that?

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  • AFPhy6

    [@maxx dumass]
    Max, You are just the kind of guy MS products are built for. Just don’t get close to Android or Apple stuff… since they are based on Linux. You won’t see wget stuff there unless you try. Come to think of it, nowadays, you won’t see wget or any other such command line items in linux unless you insist.

    Did you realize that the “one pc per child” project gives children linux pcs? Perhaps those kids in the third world will carry on the linux tradition in your stead since you don’t seem to have what it takes.

  • maxx dumass

    i’ve tried to use linux and i can’t get past the non use of installers and everything you try to install has a command line…wget….come on…

  • AFPhy6

    Nice little infoflick…

    I didn’t know the detailed specifics, but was pretty knowledgeable about the general numbers and methodology before seeing it, and more after. The way linux has developed to keep track of changes throughout the collaboration is truly remarkable and has proven to be robust. They use it not only for the kernal but for all other programs, though obviously the kernal is the most important piece: if it fails, nothing is reliable.