Yahoo Mail integrates with Dropbox, allows users to send attachments larger than 25 MB


Last year Google integrated Google Drive with Gmail, allowing users to send attachments as large as 10GB. Microsoft has similar integration of (the new Hotmail) and SkyDrive that allows users to send attachments up to 300MB big. Yahoo doesn’t have its own cloud storage service, but it doesn’t want to fall behind the curve on what is probably the only Yahoo service people still actively use (aside from Yahoo Finance). So they have called upon Dropbox to fill the gap.

Yahoo Mail — the web English, French, Spanish, German and Italian versions — has now been integrated with popular cloud storage service Dropbox. This integration allows users to easily upload files to Dropbox directly from within Yahoo Mail and share files stored on Dropbox in emails sent via Yahoo Mail. You are allowed to share any and all files on your Dropbox via Yahoo Email — even files stored in your Dropbox that were not directly uploaded to Dropbox from Yahoo Mail.

Users who have existing Dropbox accounts can easily log into Dropbox from Yahoo Mail while people without accounts must create a new (free) Dropbox account that comes with free 2GB of storage.

It isn’t entirely clear if Yahoo Mail’s Dropbox integration has the same 300MB size limit that Dropbox’s web uploader has or if there is no file size limit like Dropbox’s desktop uploader. All we know is Yahoo Mail users can now send attachments “without worrying about the 25 MB file limit”.It also entirely clear when (if) this Dropbox integration will make its way to Yahoo Mail’s apps on mobile devices.

In my opinion, this is a huge plus for current Yahoo Mail users. However, this probably is not enough to convince people to drop the likes of Gmail and (Hotmail) in favor of Yahoo Mail. I know for sure I won’t be heading back to spam-infested Yahoo Mail. Will you? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Yahoo, Dropbox, ArsTechnica]

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  • Jyohan

    I hate the new integration. In theory, it’s a fine idea. In practice, Yahoo won’t send ANY of my e-mails with the new dropbox pictures. “If you are sending a link, try adding some text to it. This helps us fight spam.” Screw you Yahoo, the entire rest of my e-mail is text. This “upgrade” is garbage.

  • Louis

    @Rob (Down Under)

    Hi Rob, thanks for that info !

    Yes, I guess according to that, and your conclusion about the 2 months per year, it seems due to the long age of the account, I would need to send an email out once every 29 months [(6 months, plus (2013 – 2001) x 2 months each] — that would tie up with the fact that despite my last email being sent in August 2011, the thing still lives !

    So I’d better send an email to myself again soon.

    Better still, I’ll check out if I can (like with gmail) download my whole database of messages to my local drive, there are emails in the first 2 years or so I’d like to preserve, just in case !

    heheh, I have French Hugenot ancestors on my late grandma’s side, but I’m a South African, working in China currently, so as you guys would say :
    “Don’t F with the Japies”, right mate ? :-)

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Yahoo! Mail > Yahoo! Mail > Account and Password
    Do you close accounts due to inactivity?
    Last Updated: 31 May 2012
    Yes, Yahoo! Mail accounts are deactivated and removed after six months of not being used, plus an additional two months for each year you held the account.
    When an account is deactivated, you can’t access it, regardless of whether an email has been received in the account during that time.
    After an account is deactivated, Yahoo! can’t retrieve any of the information that was formerly stored in that account, such as email and images.
    . . .
    You may be immune, due to being an early member.
    Or perhaps all the 2 months for every year really add up.
    Or perhaps they have a similar saying to mine –
    My saying is “Don’t F with the Russians”
    Perhaps Yahoo have learned “Don’t F with the French”

  • Louis


    Hi, you must have done something to your Yahoo account, for I just confirmed the following :

    My Yahoo email account was the very first webmail account I had opened — before that I just used Outlook, until I got wise to the evils of spam — now that was back in the day, when I didn’t no better :

    I opened that Yahoo address in April of 2001.

    I used it initially as my main email account (after I got burned by a hard disk crash and lost my whole Outlook email database), but soon did move to a web based email address from my ISP as my main address — however, even today, I still use Yahoo to deflect possible spin-off junk from coming to my main email accounts, various ones, all in Gmail ( appreciate the fact that you can download the whole lot as a local disk backup every once in a while — but you can also do that with Yahoo I believe).

    For the record though : I currently have 22 224 messages in my Yahoo inbox, and in my sent folder is STILL the very first email I sent in April 2001.

    So I don’t quite agree with the black hole theory — the last time I actually sent an email from that address was in August 2011, and they haven’t done anything to it.

    I also find the spam not that bad, considering the eternity I’ve had the account (although I do regard Gmail’s as superior).

    So I prefer Gmail, but won’t knock Yahoo Mail at all.

    Just as in general Google Search is usually my first port of call, and mostly sufficient — I often do find on some search topics in Google, that I mainly get a lot of commercial junk in reply, where-as occasionally I would get higher quality listings in Yahoo Search.

    So Yahoo is still viable — they should just get a less ‘busy’ interface and sharpen up a little, they still have a role to play, even if it is to keep the opposition on their toes.

  • Jacal

    I have been using my Yahoo account for over 13 years as my main garbage collector. For all the questionable registrations, adult sites, torrents and even Dottech. I must say it works perfectly, spam detection is excellent, almost nothing ends in my Thunderbird. Here and there I check the spam folder, that’s all.
    On the other hand, one of my ex gmail accounts started collecting spam in a minute, before I even started using it (the name was too common). Had to delete it.
    So, Yahoo is not all that bad. Thank you, old boy.

  • RobCr

    Could you elaborate a bit more as to how you got that (sign in to dropBox) dialog.
    It is not too obvious in my account, perhaps because they don’t offer it in Australia yet ?

    PS Anyone creating a Yahoo email account, who takes the extra precaution of adding your cell phone number –
    The edit checking of what you type is pretty sparse (no checking). You may have to strip the first digit from your number, so as to get the correct combination of the Country code + your number. Also remove spaces.
    You can then ask to Verify your number, by receiving an SMS with a code you type back in.

  • RobCr

    For those creating a Yahoo mail account, here are a couple of IMPORTANT TIPS –
    1) They send all of your emails to a black hole, if you do not use it for 4 months.
    2) If you add your real email to your account, so that they can contact you, MAKE SURE that you set your real one as the main account.

    I did have an email account with them, but it had been ‘black holed’ when I tried to log in today.
    I suspect that I did not take the 2nd advice, that I have just given you. ( Or perhaps they don’t warn us ? ? )