Yahoo Mail integrates with Dropbox, allows users to send attachments larger than 25 MB


Last year Google integrated Google Drive with Gmail, allowing users to send attachments as large as 10GB. Microsoft has similar integration of (the new Hotmail) and SkyDrive that allows users to send attachments up to 300MB big. Yahoo doesn’t have its own cloud storage service, but it doesn’t want to fall behind the curve on what is probably the only Yahoo service people still actively use (aside from Yahoo Finance). So they have called upon Dropbox to fill the gap.

Yahoo Mail — the web English, French, Spanish, German and Italian versions — has now been integrated with popular cloud storage service Dropbox. This integration allows users to easily upload files to Dropbox directly from within Yahoo Mail and share files stored on Dropbox in emails sent via Yahoo Mail. You are allowed to share any and all files on your Dropbox via Yahoo Email — even files stored in your Dropbox that were not directly uploaded to Dropbox from Yahoo Mail.

Users who have existing Dropbox accounts can easily log into Dropbox from Yahoo Mail while people without accounts must create a new (free) Dropbox account that comes with free 2GB of storage.

It isn’t entirely clear if Yahoo Mail’s Dropbox integration has the same 300MB size limit that Dropbox’s web uploader has or if there is no file size limit like Dropbox’s desktop uploader. All we know is Yahoo Mail users can now send attachments “without worrying about the 25 MB file limit”.It also entirely clear when (if) this Dropbox integration will make its way to Yahoo Mail’s apps on mobile devices.

In my opinion, this is a huge plus for current Yahoo Mail users. However, this probably is not enough to convince people to drop the likes of Gmail and (Hotmail) in favor of Yahoo Mail. I know for sure I won’t be heading back to spam-infested Yahoo Mail. Will you? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Yahoo, Dropbox, ArsTechnica]

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