BMW baby stroller [Amazing Photo of the Day]



That is not real, by the way. It is BMW’s April Fools joke for 2013.

[via Facebook]

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  • Jazmine Brooks

    i want one

  • I want one. What’s it going to sit. Get back to me please.

  • Cynthia

    [@Naira] who cares if it doesnt fit in the car! We are not arguing about that!..what matters here is that this beautiful stroller is not REAL!..I would be so happy to buythis troller for my Niece just to have fun and show it off!..she would look so cute on it!!…

  • sylvir

    man that suck . i was ready buy one but i guess not :(

  • Rae

    I’m so in love with this stroller!!! I really want one. I wish they would make it for real.

  • Frances Rodriguez

    Omg I would love to have this custom made.. I have the bmw maclaren stroller … I thought that was hot but this here is beyond .. if u know where I can g wrt this custom made pls let me know via email

  • May

    Ooooohhh!! My gosh, which that stroller was real.. I would surely buy one

  • kg

    OMG this is awesome I would like to buy it if it was real

  • mesh

    Cool idea if it were real

  • mesh

    Hi this stroller looks awesome.BMW should really consider making this cos it will sell like hot cakes.To the people that made this aprils fool joke,its not nice to make people that drive bmw’s get their hopes up for nothing.

  • steve

    That sucks. My sister in law is having a baby and ibsaw this stroller it took me almost 3 hours to find it only to find out its not real. I want one :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(

  • Amina

    where can i order this wonderful strolle. i want one for my baby boy

  • priscila’s

    how many

  • Proudmom

    I would buy this stroller in a heart beat!

  • jaydee

    [@Cynthia] i think it would make a great pram agree with you

  • Alyssa Cruise

    Really liked that stroller, was hoping it was for real. So sad.

  • Nate

    If u got it custom made price no object would it be possible to custom order one if so contact me

  • abeer

    Can i get one or more ????

  • Naira

    I would like to see how you ll load this thing into the car, if it was real! Stupid and not practical stroller:)

  • April Foster

    PLEASE, make this stroller I’m sooooo disappointed it’s not real!!!! You really shouldn’t April fool expectant mothers:(

  • April Foster

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make this stroller I’m sooooo disappointed it’s not real!!!! You really shouldn’t April fool expectant mothers:(

  • Marta Romagnoli

    Oh I wanted it so bad. im so heart broken. I want one. Please make them available…

  • Lillian

    Omg im so disappointed .. I’m going to be a aunt again, seen this beautiful stroller and fell in love . I got the pic from a post and search every website till I finally found it! And what a big disappointment ;-( BMW should reconsider this they will be a hit to Hollywood !!!!!

  • Cynthia

    Omg if this stroller was real ..I will so buy it and I bet everyone else too…haha they would sold out!..:)
    BMW should consider making this stroller or any company of stroller should make this idea come true

  • Shawn

    What’s sad is that could be built by the thinkgeek team and in no time…

    With the size of thoses wheels that would be one heck of a safe roller…