Miami high school student is arrested… for hacking into school report card system and changing him grade


If your grades are bad, the only thing to do is be honest enough to admit that you failed. You tell your parents and try again next time. Study hard. You don’t go hacking that school’s online report card system to show that you did good.

Apparently, a high school senior in a Miami school did so by accessing the school’s system illegally. He’s been arrested on his claims of accessing the system to change his grades and of four other students. Eighteen-year old Jose Bautista, appeared last Friday in court to face intellectual proper offence charges. Reportedly, Bautista modified his grades and other students whom he approached allegedly. These students detailed the hacking in a written confession as shared by Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School’s principal.

Bautista didn’t deny the accusations. He is currently under house arrest, wearing a GPS monitor, and with a bond of $20.000. No mention though if he and the four other students will be punished and will be allowed to graduate or not.

Miami-Dade Schools released this statement regarding the incident:

“The school district takes incidents like this very seriously.  In addition to the arrest and ongoing criminal investigation, the Code of Student Conduct provides for corrective strategies up to and including recommendation for expulsion.”

End of May graduation is fast approaching. The school administration better make a decision of Bautista and his friends will graduate. There is hope.

[via Ars Technica]

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