More adults text while driving than teenagers, according to AT&T survey


Last month we posted results of study by the American Center for Disease Control that said roughly one in every three Americans text/email while driving, with Europeans not far behind. Now a new survey suggests more adults text or email while driving than teens.

According to AT&T’s ‘Commuter Survey’ and ‘Teen Driver Survey’, 49% of commuters admit to texting/emailing while driving while 43% of teens confess to the same. Ages aren’t specified but presumably “commuters” at non-teens, aka adults. The worst part? 98% of commuters surveyed said they believe sending a text or email while driving is not safe. Yet 49% of them still do it, with 40% admitting it is now habitual. Compare that to 60% that say they never used to text/email while driving three years ago.

I wasn’t surveyed but I’d be one of the 49% and the 98%.

Of course there are inherent flaws with surveys, the most notable being people are prone to lie. However, more people are probably more likely to lie and say they don’t text/email while driving rather than say they do, so the fact that almost half accept the deed says a lot. Either that or our society is so screwed up that we think texting/emailing while driving is cool and claim to do it even if we don’t.

[via CNN, AT&T]

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  • Seamus McSeamus


    American by birth, Scotch-Irish by heritage. Probably why I’m so anti-establishment. :p

  • RobCr

    [@Seamus McSeamus]
    Are you Irish by any chance ?

    We Scots (and Irish ?) don’t like the Lairds.
    Particularly when they tell us what we can’t do.

  • Seamus McSeamus


    I don’t think Oprah is an isolated case. Celebrities are always espousing things that are impractical for regular folks. Being rich and detached from the masses tends to warp ones perception of reality, I think.

  • RobCr

    Oprah started the campaign to ban drivers using their mobile phones.
    That annoys me tremendously, as she during her career would need to be contacted frequently, whilst in a car. However she has a driver, so she can take and make calls.
    Then she has the gall to campaign to prevent others (who don’t have drivers) from using their phones.
    Australia (going to extremes as usual) is now carrying her banner, and banning use of mobile phones.
    What annoys me tremendously, is they keep blending texting and speaking into the same category. Texting is criminally dangerous, and I support a life time ban on drivers who text.
    Whereas I believe drivers should be allowed to at least accept calls. If they have to dial a number, they should pull over, until the call is connected.

    PS If anyone makes the argument that speaking on a phone is distracting and should be banned, then I will start a campaign to ban mothers driving with small children in the car, as that has to be many times more distracting.