Arrogant “deal with it” Microsoft director Adam Orth is fired from Microsoft


Last week Adam Orth, Microsoft Studios Creative Director, took to the web to express his viewpoint about the next Xbox’s rumored “always on” requirement (aka the Xbox needing to be always connected to the Internet) and how people are reacting to it. Orth was, how should I put it, a bit insensitive in expressing his opinion. Not only did he dismiss people’s concerns about how an always-online Xbox would ruin gaming for people with inconsistent, nonexistent, or slow connections by tweeting “#dealwithit” but he also went so far as it indirectly insult people living in rural areas of the United States.

Although Orth later said he was “trolling” and expressly stated the comments expressed where his opinion and not Microsoft’s, the damage was done. Not only did the web react angrily to Orth’s arrogant attitude but Microsoft and Microsoft employees (such as Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Aaron Greenburg) indirectly disowned Orth and his comments. Unfortunately for Orth, the fallout hasn’t stopped there.

Quoting “sources close to the matter” and citing a call to Microsoft’s switchboard, GameInformer is reporting Orth is no longer working at Microsoft. GameInformer’s sources say Orth resigned due to his actions but it isn’t entirely clear if he voluntarily resigned or was forced out (aka fired) by Microsoft.

Whatever the case may be, goes to show you: don’t be an arrogant sob on the Internet, even if you are just expressing your opinion. Unless you are me. Then its okay. What are you looking at, punk?

[via GameInformer, ArsTechnica, image via Quickmeme]

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  • Susanne

    Fired, Mr. Orth?
    Deal with it.
    Like I have to deal living with dial-up.
    It amazes me the tech cocoons some people live in — dial-up, alas, is still alive & well, certainly in MY (rural) neighbourhood.

  • AT

    When there are competing products from a rival company that are just as good, sending business to the competition is not good for the bottom line. Games get released on all the consoles at the same time. There’s no reason to be loyal to any one platform.

    See also EA’s Simcity.

    I personally hope that Adam Orth gets hired at Apple. As their PR person.

    “You’re holding it wrong. Deal With It”

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Methinks Adam Orth has reaped his deserved reward. Honestly, I’m surprised that executives at any major company is allowed to have a personal Twitter or any other social media account. Any idiotic thing they say sends the company into damage control, and it takes a major PR hit. Thinking your customers should shut up and take it is one thing, but telling them so is another matter entirely.

  • Ashraf

    [@LOL] Thanks, fixed.

  • LOL

    Typo? “slow connectiosn” :D