Microsoft says recent Windows 7 security update is faulty, tells everyone to uninstall update (before it’s too late)


Every second Tuesday of every month Microsoft issues a bunch of patches for its products, including Windows. This is known as Patch Tuesday. For this this recent Patch Tuesday Microsoft issued a Windows Update for Windows 7, security update 2823324, that “addresses a moderate-level vulnerability that requires an attacker to have physical computer access to exploit”. Now Microsoft is telling users to uninstall this security update because it is causing “system errors” for some users.

Microsoft has not specified exactly what “system errors” are being caused by this update but they have said it is because of conflict with “certain third-party software” and the errors do not cause loss of data. According to third-party reports, the update is causing more than errors — some computers are unable to boot because of it.

Although Microsoft says not all users are affected by this issue, they are recommending everyone that installed update 2823324 to uninstall it. To assist people in removing the update, Microsoft has created a help page (link below). Microsoft has also disabled update 2823324 from Windows Update until they are able to fix the issue, so if you haven’t installed it yet then you don’t need to worry — you won’t be able to install it. (Other security updates delivered on Patch Tuesday are unaffected — you should install those.)

How to remove security update 2823324 homepage

[via Microsoft, image via Hans]

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