Microsoft says recent Windows 7 security update is faulty, tells everyone to uninstall update (before it’s too late)


Every second Tuesday of every month Microsoft issues a bunch of patches for its products, including Windows. This is known as Patch Tuesday. For this this recent Patch Tuesday Microsoft issued a Windows Update for Windows 7, security update 2823324, that “addresses a moderate-level vulnerability that requires an attacker to have physical computer access to exploit”. Now Microsoft is telling users to uninstall this security update because it is causing “system errors” for some users.

Microsoft has not specified exactly what “system errors” are being caused by this update but they have said it is because of conflict with “certain third-party software” and the errors do not cause loss of data. According to third-party reports, the update is causing more than errors — some computers are unable to boot because of it.

Although Microsoft says not all users are affected by this issue, they are recommending everyone that installed update 2823324 to uninstall it. To assist people in removing the update, Microsoft has created a help page (link below). Microsoft has also disabled update 2823324 from Windows Update until they are able to fix the issue, so if you haven’t installed it yet then you don’t need to worry — you won’t be able to install it. (Other security updates delivered on Patch Tuesday are unaffected — you should install those.)

How to remove security update 2823324 homepage

[via Microsoft, image via Hans]

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  • jaiyen42

    [@Fundi] A bit late Fundi, but better late than never! MS have issued the pull and re-update. Info is here:

    That’s a wrap – and best wishes.

  • Warb

    [@Seamus McSeamus] Hey, idiot…
    LOL :)

  • jaiyen42


    Forgot to mention. I’m on a Windows7 machine. Dunno how how things work with you. (Microdot’s notice is for Win 7, both x86 and x64)

    Trust me, it’ll all work out — and without tears! (well, that’s what my partner said I should write!)


  • Fundi

    [@jaiyen42] Thanks, J – Appreciated…

  • jaiyen42

    Hi Fundi,. I had the same concerns. What Microdoft is stating is that EVERY user who has the update should pull it (ie, uninstall). You’ve done the right thing, even if your system stability has not been affected. What will happen in the future is possibly two updates. One of them will completely wipe KB2823324 off your system, and the other, a proper re-intsall.
    Best wishes

  • Fundi

    [@Mardel53] I was also confused by Microsoft, but decided (in this case) to throw caution to the winds, went ahead and uninstalled, then watched with trepidation when I rebooted. It’s been nearly 24 hours, and everything seems fine. It’s your decision, but it worked for me.

  • AFPhy6


    LOL … So, Cowboy,,, I bet you didn’t pay attention to exactly which person Seamus addressed his “idiot, check spelling” comment. Do it now ,,, you’ll get a laugh as I did.

  • detailer

    [@Mardel53] Yes,it’s just that simple,and no, you should uninstall it IMHO.

  • Mardel53

    After reading the solutions that Microsoft offers in removing this security……..I am totally confused. Yes I see I have that patch installed……my Win7Pro is acting fine; I must admit I am having a little trouble in pulling up ITunes every so often. Is it possible just to go into Control Panel/Programs/Viewed Installed and simply click on that patch and uninstall it knowing that this computer has been booted up several times since that update was installed?
    Or should I leave well enough alone since I do not seem to be having any troubles?

  • Cowboy

    [@Seamus McSeamus]

    Who elected you God Mate? Just worry about your own damn poblems! ;)

  • detailer

    This is precisely why I keep updates set to “notify”. Then if I see nothing troublesome mentioned on one of the many tech blogs that I subscribe to within a week or so,I’ll sort through them and take the ones I deem relevant to my OS.
    Anyone remember the “stability” update KB977074 of Jan.2010 that BSOD’d nearly 1 million PC’s? That’s when I go real careful.

  • jaiyen42

    Mukhi. I have the same question. But I think the update hooks onto the system so that it can’t just overwrite the code. It needs a re-boot and that I think is not an ordinary ‘get rid of me’ code. Otherwise: otherwise, Microdoft will be out of business servicing all us lot! J
    PS: MS are not crazy. How big’s your wallet?? !

  • mukhi

    WTH crazy M$??? can’t you just use another patch to uninstall the faulty update? i am too tired for now, gotta do it tomorrow. alas…

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@Seamus McSeamus]

    Hey, idiot… until the edit feature is returned, you really need to slow down and check your spelling before hitting that “send” button.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    My wife showed this to me on another site last night, but neither us us had experienced any issues. In fact, when I checked, this particular update had not been installed on any of our computers. Maybe is had already been puled before we updated? Odd…

  • Fundi

    I was a bit confused with the Microsot instructions – I had downloaded and installed all of the updates, and was reasonably sure that I had rebooted. I didn’t see instructions for that particular situation, only for users that had NOT rebooted. I took a chance and deleted that target file, and so far all has been good.

  • AFPhy6

    [@AFPhy6] Moderator: I would love to know why my “9:01AM” comment was held for moderation ,,, what keywords or phrases you think it tripped!

  • AFPhy6


    I strongly suspect that the behavior you are seeing is related to that update.

    A couple weeks ago I wrote on a different thread that I NEVER install “automatic updates”, claiming a variant of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is operative. I strongly scrutinize ALL updates or “new versions” whether from MS or elsewhere for this very reason, and typically only install after a whole load of other guinea pigs have had the pleasure of debugging for me.

    I have very old operating systems, and very stable computers as a result.

  • jaiyen42

    Thanks Ashraf. You are a star. I have emailed this page to dozens of people cos even I was having a problem with Kaspersky last week.. Keep the good work up sport, and get yer grammer sorted out ( it’s “it’s” not its in the title). But hey, who am I to complain mate!! John

  • V

    Even if they have to make Win 7 unstable and unusable, Microsoft seems bound and determined to switch you to Win 8, huh?

    Hard to believe?? So is Win 8, but there it is.

  • Mags

    I didn’t experience any major issues with this patch, just a few annoyances when I first rebooted, and again the next time I turned my pc on. After that everything was fine.

    I uninstalled it, just in case I hadn’t come across anything that it might have caused issues with.

  • Jeanjean

    I opened my portable with Win7 last night, received updates but not this one.
    Thanks anyway !

  • Jim-1

    I doubt that this is related, but who knows? I wasted a day after installing the “routine” Patch Tuesday updates. After the required reboot, my computer would start OK, but quickly it would freeze with glitches (spots sometimes, up to a full screen of low resolution color swirls) on the screen, and then neither the mouse nor the keyboard would work. After much pain, I discovered that there is now some form of video driver issue or interference, and the computer would work OK again ONLY after I disabled the video driver. I have relayed this issue to NVIDIA. My update history says this update 2823324 failed to install the first time, but my screen video problems began immediately after the reboot from that set of updates. Later, I did a system restore, but the video problem remained, so I tried doing the updates again (am I a glutton for punishment? :-(), and update 2823324 did install OK. With my video driver disabled, my computer has no other problem symptoms, so I will leave things where they are for now and wait for help from NVIDIA.