Bogus 90% off Razer products coupon sparks consumer frenzy in the UK, Razer says it will honor the deal


You know that saying, stranger things have happened? Yeah, well it applies to this next story particularly well.

Bogus coupons are a pretty common thing. Every so often a coupon will emerge, people will go crazy, and some folks will end up getting ridiculous deals on products until retailers realize the coupons aren’t authentic. Recently a counterfeit coupon showed up on the internet offering 90 percent off at Razer’s online UK store. It’s no wonder the thing went viral, and tons of folks took the opportunity to purchase some Razer products for cheap.

The coupon itself and the fact that it went viral are not the surprising part of the story. What is (pleasantly) surprising, however, is how Razer is handling the situation.

Instead of denying the suspicious orders, Razor is going to honor them (i.e. sell the items for 90% off as ordered by customers). Not all order, though — there will be some stipulations. Purchases that involve a single item or individual products will be accepted, but orders that include several of the same item will be cancelled.

Of course, it makes sense that Razer would have a lot of back-ordered items. Because of that fact, the CEO of Razer Min-Liang Tan is saying the orders will take some time to fill. He also pointed out that the company is going to take “an insane amount of losses,” for honoring the deal. I would says that’s obvious at this point.

It’s certainly refreshing to see Razer honor the deal even though the coupon was fraudulent. This is a prime example of a company putting the interests of the consumer first. In today’s world, that’s an incredibly rare occurrence.

It’s too bad they didn’t extend the deal to other countries. I would totally love to get my hands on the Razer Edge gaming tablet for $100!

[via Engadget]

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  • Ashraf

    [@Briley Kenney] Agreed. For the rest us there is Slickdeals xD

  • Briley Kenney

    [@Ashraf] The entitlement complex is a very real and very serious thing these days, sadly.

  • Ashraf

    [@Tom] In a weird kind of way, I’d have to agree that Razer honoring a 90% fake coupon can cause issues in the future of customers unjustly expecting companies, especially Razer, to continue to honor fake coupons.

  • Briley Kenney

    [@davidroper] No worries David!

    [@Tom] You don’t agree with them honoring the coupon?

  • Tom

    Stupid precedent setting move on Razr’s part. They should have contacted customer’s using the code, and informed them it was bogus, while giving the customer the option of canceling their misinformed order. Major thumbs down move.

  • davidroper

    [@Briley Kenney]
    Briley, I am SO sorry that you think I meant ANYONE on Dottech would steal. We are the good guys (except for the trolls that lurk from time to time). I certainly never meant YOU were a thief and I deeply apologize to you or anyone who thought I meant any of us on DT. KGDS. That means Keep Going, Don’t Stop. ;-)

  • Briley Kenney

    [@davidroper] I believe many thought the coupon was authentic at first, and it wasn’t until after that they realized it was bogus. I’m sure some knew, though. I wasn’t trying to condone stealing.

    [@The Living Spirit] Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Correction: Razer are NOT cancelling orders of multiple products that used this discount code. Rather, they will email those who made such an order and offer the discount code for ONE of the ordered items. The purchaser has the option of which item the code will apply to, after which they can choose to have the order amended, with the choice of purchasing JUST that one item; or having all the other items charged at regular price.

  • davidroper

    I’m sorry but nobody wants to steal anything. No GOOD person that is.

    I would be just fine with Razr just telling people it was a bogus coupon and offer maybe 25% off to 50% off instead.

  • Briley Kenney

    [@Ashraf] I know! I’m jealous. I also wonder how many sold at that price.

  • naveed

    Razer has some customer service fiascoes in the past – one of them was their alleged customer data mining synapse software for their mice. It’s interesting that they chose to honor the coupon – I hope they keep this up and improve their customer service and the quality+longevity of their products.

  • Ashraf

    Very standup of Razer to honor this deal, especially considering it wasn’t a fault of theirs.

    And I agree, a Razer Edge tablet for $100? Wow!