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Hi dotTechies,

Every now and then I like to solicit feedback from the people who are most important, you all, regarding how dotTech is doing. In particular, I’d like to know what you feel about the quality of our articles. This is the overall quality of all types of articles we write on dotTech — reviews, news, tips ‘n tricks, off-beat, etc.

So, if you will, please cast your vote in the poll above regarding the quality of dotTech articles, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Your feedback is very important and helps us assess if we are doing an excellent, good, or bad job.

Thank you!

-Mr. Boss

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  • Elsie

    Hi David,

    I apologize for my slow response. I did check out your last suggestion. It is no longer $29. and it doesn’t look like it’s even worth what they are charging for the vague results.

    As for the $330.00 price, I was looking at the Advanced Combo Package for $318.00, plus the $12.00 shipping cost. This test is a high resolution test for tracing your own ancestry on your paternal and maternal lines. It is the best and most comprehensive DNA Ancestry Test available on the website.

    I truly appreciate your trying to help me find my “roots” and maybe I will purchase the results in the future, but not right now.

    Thank you,


  • davidroper


    Found this for $29 special. If it’s not $29 when you get there, they still sound cheap to try.

    Good luck

  • davidroper



    Where did you go for $300? This is the standard Father test at $119

    Questions: take it to me at DavidRoper at Gee Male dot Kom

  • kevbo

    Last evening as I was searching the site for suggestions/reviews on various Android apps, I noted that some categories in the free repository were a little dated, but still helpful. So I found myself switching between the free category and the list of regular Android apps, which has more recent reviews of both free and paid apps (although this page is not categorized). I think it would be helpful if, at the bottom of any particular free app category page, links were also posted to any more recent reviews on apps which would be categorized similarly.

    In other words, “[Android] Best free file manager” category is dated from 2011 and contains an overview of two apps and a list of “other alternatives” at the bottom of the page, which links to those apps in the Play store. Derrick has two reviews of file manager apps (Android Windows Manager and X-plore File Manager) in April. A link to those recent reviews (and any others which I may have missed) somewhere on the “[Android] Best free file manager” page would be very helpful and bring the repository article up to date without much more work. Sorry if this feature already exists somewhere and I have overlooked it.

    In any case, as I said previously: great site which I look forward to reading daily.

  • Elsie

    Good morning David,

    On the Genetic Genealogy website, I don’t see an option to view the full results print-out that a typical customer would receive (no-name, of course).

    So, at this point, I am reluctant to invest $330.00 (best test plus least shipping costs)
    without knowing what the full results would look like.

    Have you had these tests done? If so, did you receive a comprehensive explanation along with the dry facts?


  • Rob (Down Under)

    Elsie said –
    “and have almost no behind”
    . . .
    Rob said,
    Anyone offering to look into this ?

  • davidroper


    Start here to read: Father or Mother DNA searching
    Kinda pricey but them DNA stuff isn’t cheap.

    Good luck, Sis!

  • Elsie

    Hi David,

    Ii’s wonderful to hear from another adoptee and learn about your experiences. My were completely different. I was an only child, adopted at 5 days of age.

    I am going to look into the Special “root” DNA test. I would love to know what area of the world my parents came from so that I could identify with a particular race of people. At this point, I only know that I am white skinned, thin lipped, slender, with dark brown hair (salt & pepper now) and have almost no behind. I’ve had vacations in Europe and I’ve been surprised when people in several countries started talking to me in their language, so my origins must be there.

    Thank you so much for your response.


  • davidroper


    I’m adopted too, Elsie, and I loved my Mama and Daddy (I’m 69 now). They are gone. I celebrated two birthdays a year until about 30 yrs old. Anywayyyy.
    The other BD was when I “came to live” with Mama and Daddy, Nov 11th. Real BD 4 months earlier.

    You can get a Special “root” DNA test, read, that will at least tell you what family or area of the world you came from. I saw it on TV once. That may satisfy your quest a little. For me, IDGAS.

    My sister and I (both adopted but diff families) used to love to ask people if we looked alike and when they said “sure” we would just laugh with each other.

  • Elsie

    Hi Rob,
    I truly wish that I could say I am Irish. But, I am sorry to say that I am adopted
    and I have no way to find out my heritage. I loved my visit to Ireland about 5
    years ago. Your lovely country is filled with beautiful, friendly people.

  • Elsie
  • Warb

    All the previous comments.
    Good balance of Tech articles to not Tech articles. Not Tech articles help keep things from going stale.

    Too many articles per day. Struggling to keep up. :)

  • otojunk

    Your articles are excellent in every way! Your site is one of my must-visit-every-day sites!

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I bet you are Scottish ?
    I have only ever met (or heard of) one other Elsie, and that was my mother.
    (Born Gourock Scotland)

  • Elsie

    I very much enjoy your newsletters and I have benefited greatly from your articles. Please keep up the wonderful newsletters. However, I do have one negative comment: the latest formatting is slower to maneuver and the large list of articles in each newsletter takes a lot of time to peruse to make sure that I don’t miss any valuable information. Please don’t be offended, I am an old lady and I like things to be simple and easy to access.

  • Mr.Dave

    I often learn something from the reviews and articles (and COMMENTS!), but there are always unanswered questions. I think it would be impossible to predict what everyone wants to know, and it would also make the articles too lengthy and deep for most people. So I say keep doing what you’re doing! The articles, reviews and comments help to make me aware of things, and help steer me away from some.

    My only recommendation would be to watch out for repetition — the summary, article and introduction sometimes say the same things with no different amount of detail or evidence.

    Obviously DotTech is doing very well, I’ve been coming here for many years now, recommend the site to friends, and don’t see any reason to stop!

  • vetsvette

    As medical professional, I’m tech-challenged, but working to correct my deficiencies. I try to read dot-Tech articles daily, and have learned SO much from them. Deep appreciation to ashraf and staff for that.
    Some articles don’t interest me (e.g., i-phone info); no matter, they may well attract others. To me, the most help comes from software reviews. My systems are safer, my surfing more enjoyable, and my files more organized, all thanks to this site.
    Please, change the site as you see fit, for I will surely continue to glean valued assistance from your efforts.
    Sincere thanks for all you do!

  • janet

    As an old timer here, I hope Ashraf knows how much I appreciate all his work….so I am going to skip over all the lovely things that can be said (and have been), and go on to some suggestive/informative comments about things I miss….:-)….

    1. I really liked it when we could check which daily items we wanted to receive and which not. I realize this is not an option now because of the server issue. Hope that will eventually get resolved, as these days I pretty much read only reviews, which are usually only one or two or none out of the many daily entries….And even most of the reviews I no longer read except for Ashraf’s and maybe one other reviewer. I used to read everything on dottech back in the days when not only were all the articles software reviews, but they were almost all by Ashraf!

    2. Given that we are now have to be content with the newsletter listing all the items, I would be ever so grateful if you could put all of the bracketed descriptions at the beginning of the line, so we can skim down quickly. It also makes for a uniform format.

    3. One reason I stopped reading many of the reviews is that they more often than not seem to be about apps which are admitted by the reviewer to be inferior to the ones most dottechers use….Once we have FastStone Capture, which was long the Dottech ‘Favorite’, as well as reviews on other good capture apps, I, personally am not interested in the zillion other free capture apps that the reviwer himself admits are not as good…

    4. Another reason I stopped reading some of the reviews is because more than once they said an app does not have a feature which in fact it did have. When this happened more than once, I felt I could no longer depend on such reviews and more or less stopped reading them…..although I often like to see the comments….:-)….

    5. I would really like to know, for every DotTech Staff article, for it to be listed who the writers/contributors are.

    6. A request: When doing reviews, I always wish they would include comparison to the paid apps we all got free (or most of us) in the same category, since we are usually trying to decide between what we already use versus any new suggestions….

    7. I think it is great that dottech is probably now better geared to Ashraf’s needs, and he is doing what is of interest to him. And he can probably spend more time with his wife than when he was doing everything alone on a very concentrated basis…:-)…. And many people are interested in all the new areas. I’m just speaking for those of us who are looking pretty much only for the technical issues, as I know from following the forums that there are a lot of us who miss all the old reviews……

  • riya

    I love the articles here – from helpful tips to the beautiful pics :) its one of my favourite sites. Keep up the good work!

  • Ashraf

    [@Darcy] [@AFPhy6] Any plugins that may be blocking it? Maybe NoScript or AdBlock Plus?

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: Thank you for the feedback and kind words. Much appreciated!

    The general feelings seems to be “you are doing a great job, keep it up”. That helps me, a lot, as I try to grow our little corner of the Internet. I also appreciate the constructive criticism because that helps, too.

    Thanks again!

  • Muhammad

    Ashraf and dottech team,

    i am a daily visitor to this website since it was politicallymotivated and i think now its more motivated than before

    Keep up the great work you are providing

    warm regards,

  • Igor Victorov

    Interesting – 5. Useful – 5!

  • Frank D

    Ashraf, your site and reviews, plus all of the other stuff you post, is just fantastic the way it is. Please keep it as is. You and your site are one in a million!

  • ElishabAbbuyah

    Overall, I love this site. It’s the only thing I read daily.

    Not so keen on the comics, but it’s ok.

    The only thing I would change is to group all the articles concerning a specific topic together, so that if you only want a particular type of article, you can skip to what you are interested in.

  • Emrys

    As a cross-platform user it would be great if a reviewer could finish up with a similar blah-blah for iOS, Android, Windows or what ever the blah-blah was not coded for. Like, what is a good CCleaner for my iPhone?

  • kevbo

    Great site overall. The only site I will regularly catch up on if I happen to miss a day or two. I discovered this site about a year ago, and it has become my overall go to tech site.

    Content has a good and varied mix to keep my interest. Tech articles and reviews are concise, and structured in such a way that I can read the whole article in a few minutes or just quickly skim the Pros, Cons, and Conclusions, or any combination thereof. That’s perfect. Most of your writers are not afraid to express their opinions, and do so without coming off as obnoxious or overbearing, which makes the sight more down to earth and enjoyable for me, whether I agree with them or not.

    One of my favorite aspects of the sight is the regulars who post here. I read some articles just to see what the more amusing or technical (or both) dottechies have to post. – Case in point: Mr McSeamus’ post above providing a little bit of advice for a poster.

    Great job overall. I wouldn’t change a thing. Although I agree with Mr McSeamus; I miss the edit function.

  • jayesstee

    Incredible progress over th last 12 months. Now far less seasonal – IE now no regular quiet periods while you went off and have a much deserved life outside dotTech.
    Quality of articles is very good and when one of your hardworking contributors might very occasionally drop off, there is always one or more dotTechies ready to correct, add or generally improve the article.   You and the contributor always generously consider an usually accept these inputs.
    The quantity and range of these articles is tremendous and I find much to interest me every day.
    I wouldn’t mind less comics and more big cat pics, but that just a personal view.
    One improvement would be a tad more moderation of the comments when the get a bit out hand – like the recent thread.
    Generally, it’s great :=))

  • davidroper

    Ashraf, KGDS.

  • Nite Owl

    DotTech is my favorite go-to site for all types of information and just general fun and great pics too. I visit every day just to see what’s new. I share more of your articles with my tech buddies than from any other site. You and your writers find such interesting and informative things to write about. You’re the best! Thanks!

  • Seamus McSeamus


    If you’re running AdBlock or No Script, try disabling them on this page. Either (or both) could be blocking a poll.

    In general, as with everyone else, I think things are fine on dotTech. The mix of articles keeps my interest, and I especially enjoy Ashraf’s in-depth reviews and the Linux pieces by Derrik.

    The writing isn’t dry like it can be on some tech sites, and things are put in terms that a layman can understand without talking down to him. Both admirable qualities.

    What would I like to see changed? Getting an edit function back would be nice. :)

  • Rob (Down Under)

    Matters raised in the comments are not responded to.
    I am not saying this happens often, but it occurs more than it should.

  • sci

    Hi Ashraf, you’ve a good balance ‘tween the various formats (Android, Windows, Linux, etc), they’re easy to read and comprehend, you don’t talk down to your readers, which means you actually respond to questions. I enjoy your critique of GAOTD offers, & wish you did the same for Glarysoft. Thanks!

  • AFPhy6

    “cast your vote in the poll above … ”

    Above where?

  • [@Darcy] I don’t see any link to the poll BTW.

  • Don’t see how you could improve the site, but I’m sure you’ll find a way. =)

  • JohnnyG


    JonE took the words right out of my mouth. I fully agree on all points. Thanks, Ashraf.

  • RealBull

    I’m overall satisfied with DotTech. I mostly look forward to reading the software critiques/reviews. Also I like to read about tech tips and the industry; company plans and lawsuits and legal issues. Anything about technology I’m generally interested in it.
    I don’t particularly like to read the comics, but I have read some on rare occasions.

    What I’d like to see is more articles about technology and tech companies in other countries.
    And/Or more world tech statistics on software or hardware use.

    Thank you very much for this website, I’ve learned many things from it, too.

  • John Blake

    To: dottech staff– thank you all very much for your hard work and contributions to the site. Good Job.

    Ashraf’s articles & comments are well thought out and very professional– and I virtually always read and follow his assessments and recommendations.

    Justin– good guy, tries hard, articles & comments nowhere near the level of excellence of ashraf. I generally ignore his articles.

    Other’s articles– generally very well presented.

    Please keep up all your good work!

    Thanks again, John Blake (IT Professional, 25 yrs experience)

  • JonE

    I’d say, in general, you all are doing an outstanding job, both with content and the being concise with writing. There is no way to please everyone. For, instance I don’t care a lick about the articles concerning mobile devices; I just delete em mostly. And every now and again you’re gonna ruffle somebodies feathers; that’s unavoidable.
    I’d say just keep on doing what your doing; you all are doing an outstanding job.

  • sragan5

    Ashraf, I’ve learned to trust you and your dotTech staff over and above any other computer and tech website, especially over the last year. Your general articles and reviews are extremely informative and reliable. As an example, your daily reviews of the Giveaway of the Day software are thorough and very much appreciated. I’m glad that you have kept your general format just the way it is, where as other computer sites have gone the way of printing their articles in much smaller fonts making them more difficult to follow. I guess they are attempting to jam in more information in the space. And then there are your daily “amazing” pictures, especially those of the animals, particularly of the cats. They make me smile. Thank you and your staff for doing such an outstanding job!

  • London

    Quite happy with the quality, tho fewer “comics” would save time scrolling, but only the one that are lame.

    Articles on tech are easily read thru in a few minutes and provide the info I need.

    Good work.