The difference between men and women [Image]


Yes, I know — this is sexist. However, in my experience, it is also true. And funny, because I’m a perfect example of dirty room but clean desktop and my wife is the opposite: clean room, dirty desktop.

[via MakeUseOf]

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  • davidroper

    Fran, you made me leave my laptop and go back into the bedroom and pickup the clothes on the floor. My wife thanks you.

  • Fran

    Messy girl here who uses Fences and never allows a program to install a shortcut on my desktop. I’ve never used shortcuts. I know where everything is on my computer. And I build my own to have clean install of everything. I am the exception to the rule. My computer is the cleanest place in the whole house.

  • Col. Panek

    The reason windows desktops look like that is because you can’t find anything. when I converted to Linux Mint I found all my apps are right on the menu where I need them, no need to hunt all over or put them in a certain spot on the desktop.

  • mukhi

    well, i think this is kinda true, my wife’s desktop has multiple icons whereas mine has only one (recycle bin)…but our room looks tidy since we use the same room (oh well, thanks to my wife). i like clean desktop for reasons like:
    # i want a wallpaper of my choice; if icons are present, it’s not worth using a nice wallpaper at all. if i want shortcuts, i rather put them in taskbar (single click as opposed to double click). this may not apply to folks who want many shortcuts on desktop; for me, only regularly used programs have shortcuts.
    # since i use the secondary partition or the secondary drive to put my docs/music/photos/videos, backing up is easy as long as i don’t put any file on my desktop (desktop is in primary partition/drive, by default).

  • Mr.Dave

    I have far too many shortcuts to even think about keeping them all on the desktop. About once a week, I move any new desktop icons into ….drum roll…. True Launch Bar. I won a copy of TLB from, and it quickly replaced my old icon menus (I used submenus in the “Links” toolbar). I still use “Links” for my 30 most commonly clicked icons, but TLB has everything else. Top level has about 10 sub menus, and each of those has about 10-15 programs, documents or other submenus. It’s fast, lets me use larger icons with names, and lets me use the same right-click context menu choices I get from using Windows Explorer / My Computer or Explorer2-lite. Highly recommended for that “clean desktop” look.

  • Gonzo

    Shoot… according to this I’m a female!

  • RogueBase

    I am a female and have 3 columns of icons on a widescreen monitor and my DT looks pretty barren compared to some I’ve seen. My house is a bit of a mess…lol, but my desktop is doing good. I really need to do something other than gaming, I guess. And kids all grown and gone, being retired doesn’t help either….sigh

  • Seamus McSeamus

    This is spot on for my wife and me. My desktop is totally clear… even my recycle bin is on my task bar. Her desktop has almost no clear space. Conversely, if my wife didn’t “encourage” me to pick up after myself, I’d live in a much more untidy house. Okay, it would be a pig sty.

  • cesart13

    …If this is a 50/50 sexist joke then I don’t like it. I prefer the 100% ones… Yet, it moved me to comment on it!, Not bad!…

  • LoopyLou

    My teenage daughter’s room looks like the boy’s room and as was said above…what are shortcuts for? In fact anybody who is anal enough to want to keep a totally clean desktop probably runs only one browser window at any one time and closes the browser to run only one program at a time and probably uses a separate plate for each food item etc etc

  • [@AFPhy6] Mags – I’m female but my room and desktop look like the boys ones. Having said that I laughed myself silly at the images because in general they are so true. I know I’m different as I’m an IT geek and am anal about keeping the desktop (and rest of computer) clean but the house is a mess.

  • davidroper

    OMG, the Girl’s desktop looks like mine. And I’m a 69 year old man! Am I changing to a female in my old age? Gotta get my testosterone level checked at next Dr’s Visit. Worried, now. Thanks a lot, Ashraf.

  • AFPhy6


    Mags, I state to you here and I will proclaim to all present that I have many dozens of icons on my laptop. What the heck did “shortcuts” get invented for otherwise? I not only have many dozens of icons, I can not fit all the icons I like to have available on my desktop. That being the case, I use the program “Fences” to allow me to fit twice the number of icons into the same space. I do have them organized into 8 groupings, and one of those groupings is StartMenu directories of even more shortcuts.

    Last time I looked, I was a boy, and that wasn’t too long ago.

  • Mags

    This isn’t true in my case!

    I have 1 icon on my desktop, the Recycle Bin. I like things clean and simple.

    Not only myself, but other females as well. AND I’ve seen many males with numerous icons on their desktops.

    Of course I’ve also seen what the image portrays, but that doesn’t mean it is 100% true.

    Soooooooo what I’m say it that this is more like 50 50, Okay I exaggerate, probably less than that. But not by much LOL.

  • Ashraf

    [@Merlin] LOL!

  • Merlin

    So Ashraf, you have too many rooms in your house? Since you have a dirty room and your wife has a clean one… ;-)

  • Shawn

    Heck this is how I know who own’s the computer in someone’s home… this way I am sure to ask the right person what needs to be done when I fix something…

    So yes this is a true fact… and for thoses who you don’t see the icons well they turned the switch off. Opening Desktop Folder is sometimes chaos in resolving issues.

  • RealBull