• JonE

    Oh, I don’t know; I think it depends more on what example they have and what parents will allow or not.

    Kids are kids and in my neighborhood it looks more like the top left panel. In fact I find myself questioning how long many parents let them stay out; not the length of time, but the time of day. The only time it looks like the bottom right panel is when they are in school or the weather is lousy.

    As they progress into their teen years some of them, some of them do disappear inside more than being outside. There is a select group of teens I never see except on a nice day when they decide to get some exercise by walking around with a music player and headset; of course these teens are always alone.

    With that said, I have often wondered if today’s technology was available when I was growing up how different my life might be today. I’d like to think there wouldn’t be any difference, but I have to admit that I was never faced with those decisions. I wonder.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Sad, but true. When I was a kid, inside was the last place I wanted to be.

  • AFPhy6