Fundawear: The iPhone-controlled vibrating underwear


Okay, this is a little weird. No, you know what, this is pretty bizarre. Durex, the condom company, has announced this thing they’re calling the “Fundawear.” And as you probably already know from reading the headline is vibrating underwear controlled by your iPhone. Yeah.

The Fundawear is designed to be used by couples who are away from each other so they can “touch over the internet.” This is done through the underwear’s companion app where you can connect your respective Fundawears and drag your finger around the screen to stimulate the same area on your partner’s underwear. Oh, and did I really just say underwear’s companion app?

For a quick little look at the technology behind Fundawear, check this video out:

Durex is advertising this strange little piece of technology as “the most fun you can have with your clothes on” and “way more fun than Angry Birds.”

I say, this whole idea is very weird and I think I’ll stick to Angry Birds, thank you.

What do you think of Fundawear? Comment and let us know!

[via Gizmodo]

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  • internetexplorer

    I’ve heard of short distance ones before but I’d guess this is the first long distance one. But what if Apple bans it somehow? They would have a more secure (and bigger) market if they worked from Android phones. Then maybe I’d try it, since I’m anti-Apple. It may be a little weird, even bizarre, but it’s safer and more personalized than sexting.

  • lindsey

    you all are nuts and you KNOW that you want them! I do! hahaha this would be so fun and flirty to do with the BF

  • Couldbefun

    I just imagine valentines day or an anniversary for a couple…. And they’re both wearing this underwear. What a fantastic tease for public to make the private experience that much more desirable

  • RogueBase

    Well, occasionally, men do need a little nudge so as to get a full understanding of what kind of possibilities may exist. You’re wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes ya just need a nudge or a swift kick.

  • Camille Kroskey

    I used to sell adult toys at home parties. This interests me as there are things you can but in panties but you control them and its not discrete putting your hands in your panties. My partner and I are single parents and we do not get to spend time together all the time. This product would allow each of us pleasuring each other when we can’t be together. Sexting is good but allowing each of us to add our stimulation to enhance the experience would be over the top! Tried to apply for a free pair but only open to Australian entries. I am in the US and would love to try it out.

  • Zapped Sparky

    Bwahahahahahahaha :)

  • RogueBase

    See?? There’s a good side to everything, it’s all in how you look at it. Besides, you guys are the ones who master in the prank area anyway, we just get a good one in every now and then lol

  • Enrique

    [@RogueBase] You’re right. This thing could actually be perfect for pranks!!

  • RogueBase

    I dunno, the prospects could, in the long run, be entertaining…IF you could actually watch them. I mean you’re in a meeting, pitching what you think is the greatest thing since bog roll, sliced bread, the internet….. and you start getting these buzzes…. Could be interesting.

  • Enrique

    [@Seamus McSeamus] Yup! You said it. Although I wasn’t aware of which company was doing better than the other :)

    [@Peter] You mean like sports and stuff, right? :p

  • Peter

    I guess I’ll stick to more traditional ways to get some fun – with or without underwear :)

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Yeah, this is just weird, and I suspect more of a novelty/publicity gimmick than anything else. I’m sure Durex needs an edge of some sort against Trojan.