Xbox Smartglass now available on Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire tablets

Xbox Smartglass

If you’re an avid Xbox user, and a serious mobile smartphone deviant (yes it probably constitutes as a deviant always playing with gadgets so much) then you probably already know what Xbox Smartglass is. It’s a proprietary app directly from Microsoft that allows you to interact with your Xbox game console, and control it via a mobile smartphone or tablet. Several smartphones and tablets have been supported by the app, but until today Amazon Kindle Fire users have been left out in the cold. Okay, so maybe you they weren’t all that cold but I’ll bet a few of them have shivered in anticipation once or twice.

Xbox Smartglass App

The Amazon Appstore was just updated today, and it now includes Xbox Smartglass specifically tailored to Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets. That’s right folks! Now you can join in on the action.

Kindle Fire tablets will now allow users to navigate their Xbox 360 remotely, send and recieve streaming content, and access achievements, messaging and Xbox Music. Believe me when I say the application is quite incredible. You won’t actually realize how convenient it is until you start using it regularly. Especially when browsing the web via your Xbox 360. Microsoft recently added Internet Explorer support to the Xbox, and browsing the web is so much easier with a connected tablet or smartphone. The on-screen keyboard comes especially in handy while browsing.

This may not be epic news for everyone, but it’s certainly worth proclaiming to the wide world of techies. If you have a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD be sure to hit up the source link below to get your copy. Also, if you have an iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, or Android tablet you might want to check out Xbox Smartglass in the respective app market for your device- it’s useful, and fun to play with!

[via Amazon]

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