Google’s Larry Page shows Bill Gates how to shake hands in South Korea


In the wake of Bill Gates’ controversy in South Korea due to a handshake gone wrong, Google co-founder Larry Page has also visited the country and met with President Geun Hye Park. And as you can see in the image above, he of course showed Bill Gates how a handshake should be done in South Korea.

Whether or not Page heard of the little issue Bill Gates caused during his visit, it’s an interesting thing to see after seeing so many people get worked up about a handshake. Also, the handshake was also inevitably compared with Bill Gates’ “wrong” hand-in-pocket handshake by Korean site Ohmynews:


While Larry Page was in the country to talk with Samsung about the Galaxy S4 and display technologies then discuss culture and education with the president, the big news looks to be how Google has one-upped Microsoft in the heavily contested (and just now invented) handshake competition.

But seriously guys, leave Bill alone, would ya?

[via Naver, Kotaku]

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