It’s Apple fans versus Samsung fans at a wedding fight in Microsoft’s hilarious new Windows Phone ad [Video]


Everybody knows about the ongoing war between Apple fanboys and Samsung fanboys. It’s inevitable when the two manufacturers constantly rank as the top smartphone vendors in the industry. But doesn’t get a little tiring sometimes? What if you could just switch to a different kind of phone and watch while everyone argues?

That’s probably what Microsoft and Nokia were thinking when they thought up this new ad. The new commercial, which asks tells users, “Don’t fight. Just switch,” depicts a wedding gone wrong due to the different sides arguing over the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy phones.

It’s an amusing little bit and has some clever potshots littered throughout the video. Also, some of those punches could only be thrown by super humans. Check it out:

[via iDB]

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  • Warb

    Top ad. Enrique you have done well.

  • mukhi

    after long time, a really cool ad, thanks. LMFAO, ROFL…

  • Enrique

    [@Tom] Definitely a great ad. And I’m an Apple guy. Haha.

  • Tom

    +1 (and I’m a Samsung guy)

  • Enrique

    [@Ashraf] Ha! That would make a lot of sense if that was the case.

    Microsoft should just stick to ads like these instead of stuff like their Scroogled campaign!

  • Ashraf

    LMAO! Microsoft must have hired Samsung’s marketing pros because Samsung’s latest ads have sucked while with this ad Microsoft has shown it has game.

    Thanks, Enrique!

  • kevbo

    That is hilarious!