The HTC One Design Story shows how one of the best-looking phones today was made [Video]


It’s kind of hard to deny that the HTC One hardware is one of the most beautiful available today. To a number of people in the industry, it matches the quality build of the iPhone, maybe even surpass it. So a releasing a video about the phone is made is probably the perfect thing to do marketing-wise — and that’s exactly what HTC has done.

If you’re used to seeing these design videos, you’ll be right at home. As expected, you’ll hear a bunch of the phone’s designers talk about how important design is to them and they’ll tell you about all the complicated processes that went into making the phone, such as electro-chemical etching. But the nice part about all of that when it comes to the HTC One is that you have reason to believe them — they’ve made a beautiful phone.

I’m looking at you Samsung.

[via SlashGear]

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