The HTC One Design Story shows how one of the best-looking phones today was made [Video]


It’s kind of hard to deny that the HTC One hardware is one of the most beautiful available today. To a number of people in the industry, it matches the quality build of the iPhone, maybe even surpass it. So a releasing a video about the phone is made is probably the perfect thing to do marketing-wise — and that’s exactly what HTC has done.

If you’re used to seeing these design videos, you’ll be right at home. As expected, you’ll hear a bunch of the phone’s designers talk about how important design is to them and they’ll tell you about all the complicated processes that went into making the phone, such as electro-chemical etching. But the nice part about all of that when it comes to the HTC One is that you have reason to believe them — they’ve made a beautiful phone.

I’m looking at you Samsung.

[via SlashGear]

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  • mukhi

    i would not get HTC one for the following reasons (after having S4 hands-on today):
    # HTC battery life is even poorer (than S4’s).
    # HTC software sucks. my friend has HTC desire dual-SIM, and he cannot use his personal collection of photos in full-screen mode as wallpaper (only HTC wallpapers work)!!! this problem has been reported for HTC phones in many forums.
    # Al-body gives poorer reception. i am already mad on now-a-days smartphone signal reception.
    # HTC support is known to be poorer (at least in my country); oh well, you can easily how bad they are in marketing.
    # HTC one is really heavy as compared to S4. i have felt S4 today, it feels nice to hold.
    # S4 has octa whereas HTC one has quad.
    # tons of useful features are present in S4 which are not there in any other smartphones in the market.
    e.g., sensors for barometer, humidity, thermometer
    # HTC does not have removable batt. whereas S4 has.

    therefore, premium design alone is not good enough; i would take functionality over design.

  • Enrique

    [@Ashraf] Oh, right! The first few days/weeks of a phone are a very delicate/scary time! :)

  • Ashraf

    [@johnmw1] Really, charging every other day means it either has great battery life or you don’t use it a lot. Sounds counter to what I’ve heard about HTC phones, but I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it.

    Exchange your wife’s SGS3 for a different one, the one she has is probably bugged.

    [@Naveed] I think you missed my point. My point was I *wouldn’t* get a phone that weighs too much.

    [@Enrique] I’ve actually taken the case off my Nexus S after two years of use. Figured it is time to enjoy the beauty of the phone. I’m not sure I’d have the guts to do the same with a new phone :-P

  • Enrique

    [@Ashraf] Somebody noticed! It’s the hipster version of Ive.

    And I agree, weight is very very important. But I don’t use a case on my phone, I like to appreciate the hardware :p

  • Naveed

    I like the HTC one, but I wouldn’t get it simply for its weight. Feeling solid is less important to me than hire it feels in my pocket.

  • johnmw1


    Not that I really notice because I’m not a heavy user of it, I tend to have to recharge every other day or so which for me is OK.

    Just wish I could sort the connection problem with the SG 111?


  • Ashraf

    I just noticed one of the guys in the HTC video looks a lot like Apple’s Jonathon Ivy.

    [@johnmw1] Glad you are enjoying your One XL! I heard battery life is terrible, though.

  • johnmw1

    I have an HTC One XL and my wife is so pissed at me for letting me talk her into getting the SG111 as she normally follows and buys what I have which annoys me because we then have two phones looking the same etc

    She constantly has connection issues with the home WiFi network and is forever not being able to connect even though she is sitting right beside the router when she tries, she is sooo annoyed.


  • Ashraf

    I like HTC’s designs but one thing bother me: weight. Sure the aluminum gives them a premium feel and look, but how many people use their phones in cases anyway? Weight, in my opinion, is more important and although Samsung sucks at physical design, they are good at lowering weight.