Samsung releases new iPhone-bashing ad, shows it hasn’t lost its marketing touch [Video]


A new Galaxy phone is out, so you know what that means… that’s right! The return of Samsung’s iPhone-bashing commercials.

This latest ad takes place in a graduation pool party where all the adults have “outdated” iPhones and all the hip kids have brand new Galaxy S4’s. All the new features of the Galaxy S4 are showcased here: from being able to answer your phone with a a wave of your hand to turning on the TV. The “misinformed” adults then go on to try the same things on their iPhones — which of course, does not work. See it all for yourself below:

I have to ask, how come none of the adults were cool enough to know that they “should have” bought a Galaxy S4? Talk about discrimination, Samsung. On a more serious note, it could be interesting to see if Apple ever responds to these ads, much like their Get a Mac ads of the past. Even if they don’t, however, it doesn’t look like Samsung is stopping anytime soon.

What do you think of Samsung’s latest ad for the Galaxy S4? Effective or just silly? Let us know in the comments!

[via JBeylovesyou (YouTube)]

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