Saturday Night Live makes fun of Google Glass, shows how stupid you’ll look when it “doesn’t work” [Video]


Every time Google has shown off Google Glass, it’s looked amazing. Of course. They don’t wanna show you what happens if voice recognition doesn’t work, or how silly you might look using it sometimes. They wanna sell you on their vision for the future.

Now Saturday Night Live’s Google Glass skit is anything but an accurate view of Google Glass messing up — they’re not even using right, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any motion-controlled gestures on the device. But the show’s parody on Glass serves as a nice little reminder that while Google Glass has looked like an amazingly awesome hint of the future, there’s a very good chance you might just end up looking silly using it. Oh, and peacock! Check it out for yourself below. Take note Saturday Night Live’s official video is for US only; for viewers outside of the US, you can watch the video in this grainy (but watchable) YouTube video (embedded below also).

[via Gizmodo]

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