ZoneAlarm Pro free for 24 hours only!

Like they ran a promotion last year, ZoneAlarm is again giving away their ZoneAlarm Pro for free. This promotion will only last for 24 hours, starting on Octoboer 13, 2009, so get it while you can if you want it (click here).

Personally, I won’t be getting ZoneAlarm Pro firewall because I find it to be annoying, and it doesn’t rate well in firewall tests. But hey, if you want it, grab it. Otherwise, check out post on Prevention, detection, and cure: 9 programs that will provide the best all-around security for you and your computer – for free.

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  • nony
  • nony

    try AppRemover, it’s made especially to remove ‘security’ crap.

  • Hi,

    I didnt have to enter credit card details.

    (Nah na na na na) :-D

  • Jon

    @Xanonite, nice find, I filled out form just to get program/key. I’ll be happily sticking with Comodo though as it works well & I’m not to worried by their privacy policy.

  • Xanonite

    After a bit of surfing to see if there was a solution to the credit card problem I found a link (from Anonymous at Raymond’s forum) that works: The serial did come with a download link to the software but it took about 3 hours.

  • Xanonite

    @Emrys: Emrys, I don’t have the trouble you do with it but you might try this way:

    Shut down your internet
    Turn off the firewall (shut down online armor)
    Make sure nothing of theirs is running in the services (run services.msc)
    Make sure it does not start with windows (run msconfig)
    Uninstall Online Armor
    Use a registry cleaner

    Install the Firewall you now want and follow their instructions. You will have to reboot.

  • Emrys

    @Xanonite: Online Armor seems to be unable to update allowed software and has a faulty uninstaller. I can’t get rid of it and am prevented from installing alternate software like AVG free. If anyone has advice I’d be grateful.

  • Quro@75

    Ho..ho..ho.., you got that right, brother.
    Welcome to the club..

    @Anand Sharma
    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Comment or suggestion, please…
    And yes, take Anand Sharma’s suggestion as an option #4 for me.

  • Ahhh well. You couldn’t have known it, but thank you Ashraf for the info. Many people will still take part in it.

    I heard PC Tools firewall made it to one of the best firewalls (99%) along with Online Armor (99%). Both are also giveaways and plastic free!!

    Keep up the good work! I love your reviews.

  • Anand Sharma

    @Quro@75 –> You can opt for the following combo:

    1) Antivir Personal
    2) Outpost Firewall 2009 free
    3) Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition free

    This according to me is as good a combination as any paid combo would offer or even better…

  • Dave

    This bloody so called giveaway promotion doe’s not allow you access to there product without giving your credit card details!

  • Quro@75

    Thanks for the info. But like everybody said, credit-card-verification is big big problem to me.
    Btw, may I ask for your suggestion? I’ve use Avira Antivir Personal, Comodo internet security (with no AV) and PC Tools Spyware Doctor SE at once for almost a year. But cause of your headline #10032 about privacy with Comodo, now I don’t know what best configuration for my pc security.
    I have 3 options:
    #1. Sticks on the last configuration: Avira Anvir Personal, Comodo Internet Security and Spyware Doctor Starter (of course I have to accept privacy problem with Comodo).
    #2. Avira Anvir Personal,PC Tools Firewall Plus and ThreatFire Free.
    #3. PC Tools Internet Security 2009. I’m not sure about this option and haven’t try this one(even a single try), although I have genuine key as registered user of this suite. I am affraid that I have to cut my Avira Antivir because of conflict issue with two AV in one pc.

    So, could you please tell me which one (regarding to your opinion)?
    Terima kasih, semoga Tuhan memberkati anda.
    (Thanks Ashraf, may God bless you – in English).

  • MikeR

    I guess if ZA was truly serious about broadening its user base and bringing back into the fold those like me who ran it for years and years, the ominous ‘credit card for verification’ requirement wouldn’t be a condition.

    But like Aviator said, I too am wary of auto-recurring billing, a threat as real as any ZA exists to defend against. So. . . thanks to Ashraf, but no thanks, ZA: a “credit card verification” can only be there to serve the commercial interest, not mine.

  • Aviator

    A Word of Warning: They require Credit CARD for verification ( read as maybe auto renewal next year?!!) So sadly I am out. FYI the license was for 3 PCs!!.Regards..

  • Emrys

    Thanks. Online Armor has gotten buggy and won’t uninstall even with Revo on my XP. I really want to go back to AVG Free, but can’t get rid on online armor. Meh!