Realistic Delta Six hontroller is back on Kickstarter

Delta Six Controller

The Delta Six gaming controller is back. You may not understand right away why I say “back,” but that’s okay. It was first listed on Kickstarter last year but the project leader David Kotkin pulled it off the site because he didn’t think there would be enough support.

Now, the Delta Six has been improved significantly and it’s back on Kickstarter. It’s a realistic gun controller that allows players to immerse themselves even further into a game. With the Delta Six you can do things like bring up a weapon’s in-game sights by actually looking down the faux rifle’s barrel. Obviously, the idea is to make it seem like you’re holding a real rifle while you’re playing.

In addition to some hardware and software improvements, the Kickstarter campaign has also been shifted around and there are different pledge tiers now. The Delta Six controller will cost $159 for a black or white variant (with orange tips for safety). In comparison, the controller was originally listed at $89, but it was later decided that price tag might be too low.

The gun itself includes an Arduino board, which will allow for software updates and customization options like button remapping. The peripheral will work with PC, Xbox 360 Playstation 3 and the Wii-U from the start, but the developers also say they can add next-gen console support with a simple firmware update.

Currently, the project is set to launch if it reaches the $100,000 mark, which is quite a bit less than the original Kickstarter campaign was asking for, at half a million. If the Delta Six controller is funded, then it will be released first to early supporters in December.

Hopefully, you know what Kickstarter is by now, but just in case it’s a crowdfunding platform. Supporters pledge money to the campaign in order to help fund some kind of creative project, in return they get to own an early model of the product or receive various rewards. Money is only offered to the project if the initial goal is reached, which in the case of the Delta Six controller is $100,000. If the campaign never makes it past that mark than the project won’t be funded and no money will be sent.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty cool idea and it would definitely enhance anyone’s gaming experience, especially while playing first person shooters. What do you think of the Delta Six? Are you going to back it financially?

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