This PlayStation 4 teaser video is fake but shows how awesome the PS4 can be [Video]


When Sony announced the PlayStation 4 back in February, it showed off an impressive spec sheet, games and a brand new controller design. What it didn’t show, was the actual box. There have been countless mock-ups of the PS4 on the internet since then (and even before that), but the console in this teaser video takes the cake (video shown below). Look at that sexy design, courtesy of images from Kotaku:



Before even seeing the teaser clip, a Sony representative already took to the internet to confirm that this thing isn’t the real deal. It’s unfortunate, because after watching it, it should have been the real PS4. Not only because the quick cuts and gameplay footage spliced with facial reactions worked surprisingly well, but because the brief look at the console that is probably not going to be the design unveiled next month, should be the design unveiled next month. Take a look:

It just screams Sony. Too bad that Compact Disc logo is reportedly a dead giveaway that this isn’t the real thing, since Sony has said that it wouldn’t support the format for its upcoming console.

E3 2013 takes place next month on June 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We’ll find out then what Sony’s latest box truly looks like.

[via Kotaku]

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