Newt Gingrich, American politican, does not know what “smartphone” is [Video]

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest we call them “smartphones”. Who is with me?

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  • Ian Robrtson

    Why not call it a Newt in memory of the device (or at least one of the devices) that started the whole thing off ..

  • weylin

    (edit)…government agency

  • weylin

    Newt may not know what a smartphone is but I’m sure he never used it to call the IRS and have a government plangency audit private groups based on their politics.
    … that would be Obama..

  • n.n

    Would all computers with a telephony capability be classified as a “smartphone”? Would its classification depend on its primary intended or actual use? There may be a consensus for a semantic differentiation, but it is not explicit in the language.

  • ovl

    @ Ashraf

    “Newt Gingrich, American politican, does not know what “smartphone” is”.

    Gingrich perfectly knows that this is a “smartphone”. When Mashable‘s Alex Fitzpatrick talked to a Gingrich’s staffer just 2 days ago, the staffer explained what Gingrich was trying to get at: “Newt is trying to say that calling these devices smart phones is like calling a car a horseless carriage”.

    The point is that Newt thinks that smartphone it’s not even primarily a phone anymore because today’s models also serve to combine the functions of portable media players, pocket video cameras, GPS navigation units and web browsers. So its name could be changed to correctly reflect its functions/role. That’s it.

    BTW, B. Obama famously and proudly told the entire nation that that he visited 57 states in the U.S.:

  • Louis

    Well …. in fact … .. can we really call it any kind of phone anymore ? If we’re honest, making/receiving a call is just about the last thing you’re considering when you’re trying to decide whether to buy an iPhone, one of the Samsungs, Nokia, or Blackberry, or …etc

    Truly, if I wanted just a device to make or receive calls, I’ll just stick with my many years old Nokia E5, which mind you, also has a (built-in, not reliant on Internet access) GPS receiver, can edit Office doc’s, can take video along with pics, can connect online via Wifi, can …in fact, I would call my Nokia E5 a pretty smart phone (!) already — so what does it make the advanced devices of today ?

    He may have a point, I’m starting to think as well that the term ‘smartphone’ just doesn’t cut it anymore

  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@midwest guy]

    No argument from me about Mr. Edwards, or any of the rest. I detest politicians of all stripes when they lie, cheat or steal, and I find that generally covers both major American political parties.

  • midwest guy

    [@Seamus McSeamus]

    Since you chose to devolve this into a fidelity/moral character issue, and to be “fair and balanced”, I can tell you there’s another policitian…this one from the Left…whose fidelity and moral character has been far more reprehensible than Mr. Gingrich’s: John Edwards.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Newt was never sure how the whole marriage thing worked either, so his tangential knowledge of cell phones is in keeping with his character. I’ll bet he prefers unlocked cell phones, too. (Explanatory side note: allegedly, upon confessing an affair to his wife, Newt offered her a choice of divorce or an open marriage.)