Free 1 year license for IObit Security 360 Pro!

IObit Security 360 is a fairly new anti-malware (spyware/adware/trojans/keyloggers/bots/worms/hijackers) software by IObit, the makers of the famous Advanced SystemCare.

Sticking true to their nature, IObit offers a freeware and Pro version of IObit Security 360. The differences between Pro version and the free version are as follows:


Now, I have not personally used, or tested, IOBit Security 360 yet so I can’t vouch for how good (or bad) it is. However, rumor has it IObit Security 360 is really fast, provides good protection, and plays well with other security software.

That being said, you can a free 1 year license of IObit Security 360 (promotion ends on November, 11, 2009). To get the 1 year free license, follow these steps:

IObit Security 360 works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Win7



I don’t know if IObit spams or not, so feel free to make use of Mailinator, 10MinuteMail, or Trashmail anti-spam services.

  • Check the inbox of the email you entered. You should have an e-mail from “IObit Support <>” with the subject of “IObit Security 360 License Code”. In the e-mail you will find the download link and your license code:


Copy the license code and download IObit Security 360 (if you have not downloaded it already).

Tip: If you do not receive an e-mail from IObit instantly (it should be fairly quick), try a different e-mail address. Quite a few dotTechies have been reporting one e-mail address gets an e-mail from IObit while another does not.

Update: If you are having trouble getting your own key, I have generated a few keys for dotTechies to use. Please only make use of these if you have trouble getting a key of your own. Furthermore, please post below if you have used a key.

Here are the keys (you can download IObit Security 360 Pro from here):

  1. 9F2DF-70AD4-E7E33-1C3AF
  2. 9F34C-6B4B3-B5767-5E5AF
  3. 9F361-EB0D7-5A84C-D2BAF
  4. 9F383-605D4-38D27-DF7AF
  5. 9F3AE-BF763-37F5F-6FBAF
  6. 9F40A-AE847-6E12F-01BAF
  7. 9F42D-24AA4-C9E61-180AF
  8. 9F490-DF213-CC825-051AF

NOTE: Please don’t post this list anywhere else. This is for dotTechies only.

Update2: Anyone that has not received a key yet send me an e-mail. Specify in the subject you want a key for IObit Security 360 Pro. I will send you one.

I am no longer going to just post keys here because people take them without posting they used them, etc.

Update: Please don’t e-mail me for an IObit Security 360 key – I am no longer giving them out.

  • Install IObit Security 360.
  • Run IObit Security 360 and “upgrade” to the Pro version:




  • Enjoy!

Lastly, please note IObit Security 360 is not a replacement for main stream security software. It is a supplement to your main security software. Do not uninstall other software like Kaspersky or Avira thinking IObit will keep you safe.

Thanks Ira!

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  • lardo

    can anyone send me free license key for autocad 2010..i badly needed it
    God blesss!! thats my email..

  • WTF……I USD ALL LICENCE CODE but its not working….som keys r alredy usd n som keys has been xpird……may i get the licence code plzzzzz….for S360 1.60…will b vry thankful…bye

  • archer

    Sorry, GIVEAWAY of IObit Security 360 PRO Has Expired.

  • halimi

    send me one plse

  • cella44

    awsome….i’ve juz try the keys and it really works…thank you!

  • I need license code for iobit security 360.

  • ali

    license code IObit security 360

  • I have used a key.

  • Rochelle


    Iobit has removed the questionable definitions, making the program much smaller. I wouldn’t touch this program, as I’m very happy with MBAM,which is already free and reliable. The reports I’ve read on MalwareBytes’ site and elsewhere leave no doubt in my mind.

  • jumbi

    thats why “stolen” is in quotes, meaning the supposed stolen stuff.
    I am not implying anything.

    And how do you explain the big difference in size?
    I cant believe that in a couple of days they re-wrote the code :-)

  • Hi Ashraf, If you still have some pls let me have a key for IObit Security 360 Pro.

  • calebstein

    @jumbi: How could they remove “stolen” stuff when they didn’t steal anything?

  • If i click your link i can´t request a serial. But it appears to be FREEWARE by now. :)

  • etim

    @jumbi: Yeah–interesting–I’ve recently been getting a popup several times a day to update my iobit360 but haven’t done so due to my general paranoia, what with all the hoohah with the companies’ pissing contests–does anyone else have any new intel on this issue?

  • jumbi

    AVG and WOT say the site is bad AFTER the recent problem with malwarebytes… so its not bad (yet).

    #65 and others:
    every IP gets 5 free licences. If you need more, restart your router :-)

    Links are still working fine (I have gotten 15 licences…)

    Right after the recent debate with malwarebytes, there was a new version published which is a significantly smaller in size!
    (v.1 is 11.8MB while new vesion 1.2 is 7.3MB !!)
    Any ideas why this may have happened?
    perhaps they have removed other “stolen” or “Labs reported” stuff?

  • computersexplore

    AVG Link Scanner says your link to the promotion page goes to a very bad site with known exploits, etc. etc

  • alfran

    Hi Ashraf and everybody.

    The link is not working for me anymore,at least not with an IP-adress,which is already known to iobit or has an iobit360 pro installed.

    I cannot blame them for they provided me with 4 serials(on 1 ip-adress),which is very generous.
    Later this evening,now in Holland,i will try it again on the laptop of my neighbour.

    i suspect that you never check your updatehistory,for else you would see that

    iobit360pro has been UPDATING at least 1 or 2 times every day since october the 18th.:p

    Please do check it out thoroughly and correctly before giving a comment..?
    plzzzzzzzz. :-)
    Well,i am kiddin’ a bit ofcourse,but this stuff does deserve al the credits,it is getting.

    I does a great job.

  • PTLdom

    Ashraf, I got it working in the same (with lowered protection, which is strange, as the promotional page would not load without doing it)and in another browser.

    Many txks

  • Ashraf

    @PTLdom: The link works fine for me. Maybe you should try it in another browser because that is the final promotion page.

  • PTLdom


    1) The link provided in this text

    ” ? Visit the promotion page (click here) and enter your e-mail:”

    is this

    but after clicking on it or copying it to a new window, it’s redirected to a page with this address:

    And this happens with or without the history and or the browser chache cleaned … or am I not allowing some special dothech cookie that avoids the redirection?

    Whatever the reason, could you provide me with the final address of the promotional page?

    Many txks


  • MikeR

    PTLdom: best check it again (perhaps clear your cache beforehand?) I’ve just clicked on the link and it’s gone to the free license promo page — a page, incidentally, which Iobit has obviously been tinkering with: there’s a verification code field that wasn’t there before.

    NB: like Iobit’s Advanced System Care, the 360 freeware app has the ‘PRO’ already within it. Download the product and use the licence key emailed by Iobit — well, if it’s emailed at all — to ‘unlock’ the upgrade inside.

  • PTLdom

    Ashraf, the link you provide goes to a freeware page without any kind of promotion or offer … besides the link for testing … :(

  • a simple happy man

    Thanks Ashraf

    I’ve had Iobot 360 Pro for a while now and I find that it does a brilliant job as a backup to my other security software as well as telling me when a cookie that doesn’t have permission to be on my system gets past the other programs.

    It is also great for sifting through the cookies you want to keep for banking, email websites etc (all those you don’t want the hassle of losing because you’ll end up having to put everything in by hand again) and the ones you don’t want.

    So now I’ve got one for the missus as well and I’ll tell the older kids about it and they can decide whether they want one for their laptops etc.

    Very much obliged to you again Ashraf

  • MikeR

    I have the freeware Iobit Security 360 installed on both our desktop in the study at the top of the house, and on our laptop in the kitchen / dining room three floors below.

    After the rigmarole experienced in asttempting to upgrade the desktop installation, I decided not to bother upgrading the laptop installation.

    So the desktop is now running the PRO version, the laptop, the original freeware version.

    Using the laptop today (first time in a week) the freeware version decided to update itself — I don’t recall that happening before — and a splash screen appeared to the effect (can’t remember the exact wording): ‘Illegal license. You have too many licenses.’

    Huh? No product key or licence code was ever needed for the freeware version. And the PRO version has but the one licence Iobit itself provided.

    I’m assuming my IP address is being read by Iobit. . . and that the shambles they made of the ‘free PRO upgrade offer’ is somehow rumbling on.

  • kumaraswamy

    Dear Ashraf, i have been a regular surfer at GAOTD and have allways appreciated ur reviews, fortunately i have been able to go through ur blog today and has downloaded the iobit 360 and activated it with the below activation code.
    keep up the good work dude.

  • Thank you so very much Ashraf, your help has been greatly appreciated. The email arrived, and the key worked perfectly. What a guy!!!!!

  • Ashraf

    Anyone that has not received a key yet: send me an e-mail. Specify in the subject you want a key for IObit Security 360. I will send you one.

    I am no longer going to just post keys here because people take them without posting they used them, etc.

  • Shueygal

    Well,guess I am joining the ranks of ignored requested keys for this software. No luck with keys on this page or any others listed. Can’t get a response from IObit, so guess that leaves me out of luck. Really wanted to try this. Thanks for any help.

  • MikeR

    Hi Ashraf: you’re correct. It doesn’t. But 360 only seems to update every week or so anyway in my user experience (unlike Iobit’s Advanced System Care PRO.)

    So the auto update for 360 PRO is presumably only going to be of value if some catastrophic new threat needs to be protected against immediately.

    And with Avira and Comodo running (still! — I’m wary of trying to disentangle its deep roots from my system, notwithstanding the fact that I endorse all the points you made in your Comodo thread), I’m not too stressed (I also have Malwarebytes installed, used for a weekly scan; I update this regularly according to Malwarebytes’ update schedule.)

    It would be very interesting to read your own user review of 360 in freeware version guise — but hey, do not rush: you’re supposed to be getting candles for that first birthday cake. . . and no more than that right now!


  • Ashraf

    @MikeR: I plan on writing a review of free soon, so maybe that will help.

    That being said, I am told free does not get automatic updates? That true?

  • MikeR

    Iobit’s server seems to be awake now. I tried another activation attempt with the license code Iobit provided, and it was validated instantly. However. . .

    I’m not sure if any of this effort’s worth it.

    There’s no evidence I’ve found — as a user of the excellent (in my experience) freeware version of Iobit 360 ever since it was launched — that the PRO version is superior. The additional “security tools”, whatever they might be, are notable only for their absence: I haven’t found ’em.

    The only difference appears to be a facility to schedule a scan when you want to. Well, doh!

    Verdict: distinctly underwhelmed. The time spent in attempting to “upgrade” to 360 PRO hardly seems justified by the outcome.

  • yeobaby

    Used Yahoo to get license, hotmail and many others do not work!

  • MikeR

    Just a quickie for anyone still having problems with this. . .

    Although my attempt at getting the license code activated has repeatedly failed, my freeware IObit 360 home screen now shows itself to be Iobit 360 PRO. (With a ‘verification pending’ statement, or words to that effect.)

    Sadly, Iobit is less than specific about the precise nature of the differences between the 360 PRO and the 360 freeware version.

    For example, if you click on the first of Ashraf’s screenshots, you’ll see the developer’s comparison table. The PRO version includes “Exclusive security tools”, although what they are and where they are isn’t stated anywhere on the Iobit website. “Enhanced malware protection” isn’t amplified, either.

    What is explicit is that you cannot organise scheduled 360 scans in the freeware version, only in PRO.

    So I’ve such checked out the schedule section of the scans facility in my as yet unlicensed, unverified version, and set a number of user-chooser dates / times. And as an experiment, I manually set one for just a short while ago, at which time the software came to life and the scan took place.

    Make of this what you will. . .

  • MikeR

    Just for the heck of it, I thought I’d try again (how sad is that?)

    No responses to my email addresses from IObit, and weird messages about ‘illegal license’ when using any info provided by fellow dot tecchies.

    I already have 360 installed and saw no need to go through the hassle of uninstalling but, but. . . I followed this procedure:

    1) I pasted in the 360 offer link and thus landed on the IObit promotional site anonymously;

    2) I provided my email address (one I’d used before, but without success);

    3) an email from IObit landed in my address box 2 minutes later. The email contained the licence code and download link for the software.

    4) I revo’d my existing 360 installation and re-booted.

    5) I installed the newly downloaded app.

    6) I ran it, and almost instantly, it checked for any update and the tool tray icon verified the app as up-to-date.

    7) I copied the code from the IObit email, clicked the UPGRADE button on the app’s home screen, pasted in the code and sat back and awaited the activation. And waited. And waited. And finally:

    8 ) Active Error: Cannot connect to our server, please check your network / proxy settings and try to validate your license later.

    So there ya go, success.

    Or. . . not.

    (Though somewhat better than the experience of several Gizmo posters: they’re apparently encountering a message to the effect “Sorry, we’ve run out of licenses” when they input their license code.)

    It’s all quite impressive, really.

    :-( :-( :-(

  • stef

    Hi dottechies,

    I wrote to the Iobit technical support yesterday night (using the developer contact link from their homepage) and asked why I hadn’t received any license by mail.

    They promptly and kindly answered and this morning I’ve received the license code (… and yes, it works).

    Hope this helps.

  • I got the License code instantly using my yahoo mail!!!!!!!!

  • MikeR

    Hi Mordaunt:

    Losing battle, definitely: I’ve just copied and pasted in the key kindly provided by stef, and now the activation screen reports:

    “Cannot connect to our server. Please check your network / proxy settings.”

    More like Iobit’s poxy settings, methinks.

  • Mordaunt

    MikeR – I am now convinced that it is a loosing battle to obtain a “valid key”! Tried every key available on this site; submitted multiple e-mail addresses; and even tried re-submitting addresses: nothing seems to work!

  • MikeR

    Many thanks, Muhammad!

    Sadly, although this key can be entered successfully and results in a splash screen ‘Licence activated’, it’s then immediately replaced by another saying ‘License illegal. Installed on too many computers.’

    This is a fairly daft way of doing business where Iobit is concerned.

  • Muhammad

    thanks ashraf

    9F2DF-70AD4-E7E33-1C3AF this is the key i used


  • Conn09

    Ashraf i have just installed IObit after thinking and upon its first quick scn it had found a virus called Trojan Win32 Agent that was inside a .dll called SYSTEM32. but i noticed that it was in My user in Appdata and norton had not detected it. I let IObit remove it and there have been no problems so far but i just wish to know if i did the right thing.

    Thanks in advance

    p.s i did create a system restore point just in case ;)

  • MikeR

    @ Mordaunt:

    Exactly my experience a few minutes ago.

    This is one ‘improvement’ I’m not going to bother with, enough time wasted already.

    And I used to rate Iobit quite highly before this, too.

  • Mordaunt

    Entering the keys provided above results in the following message: “The license has been activated for maximum PC’s and cannot be used. Please….(etc)” Also; still NO response from IObit to any of the two e-mail addresses supplied. Help will be appreciated.

  • MikeR

    Just as a follow up. Iobit at this link:

    has a third off, but at this link:

    100% off.

    Left hand not knowing right hand, or what? (And one is db.iobit, t’other isn’t.)

  • MikeR


    Hear, hear: no need for Ashraf to bother responding to that kind of poster. It certainly doesn’t enlighten the rest of us and only feeds the troll.

    Now then. The actual Iobit promotion. I’ve provided Iobit with three different email addresses in hope of receiving *some* kind of response but so far. . . only silence. One address is a gmail account; the other two are with ISPs. So any filtering out of addresses isn’t at work here: all addresses are being ignored.

    If Iobit is overwhelmed by responses to its offer, I suppose that might account for its failure to reply. But it’s now been 24 hours, and that’s not exactly an impressive way of handling customer relations.

    Thanks, then, to Med Rad for the earlier post re the key: I’ll give it a try.

  • Mordaunt

    Two e-mail addresses and still no key! Will use 9F490-DF213-CC825-051AF to activate. Thank you.

  • Ozzie

    @ Ashraf: Don’t waste your energy on that guy, Ashraf. It’s not worth it. You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone, particularly someone who obviously has no idea how you operate and the standards to which you operate. Don’t let such people tick you off. They just ain’t worth the energy. Just keep on working your magic.

  • Ashraf

    @sunkumarspace: Huh? I don’t recall calling you arrogant or any making any negative comment towards you in any shape, form, or fashion. I simply addressed the issue you brought up in a straightforward manner.

  • @Ashraf: I’m not arrogant, I’m focused. I don’t make demands. I don’t tell you how it should be. I’ll give you [expletive] options, and it’s up to you to select or throw ’em away. That should be the headline: I think you better improve yours phonetics man ,where is the so called harsh comments .

    Are you so arrogant as to believe we are alone in this universe.

  • Ashraf

    @Mayur: I am sorry for the harsh response, but it ticks me off when someone insinuates I have no ethos.

  • I didn’t said that u never link :) Also, I don’t want any linkback if u got it from some other source.

    I only know that I got that promo link directly from IObit staff and not from any other site or forums.

  • Ashraf

    @Mayur: First of all accusing me of never linking back is a joke in of itself. Anyone that reads dotTech knows I am one of the few webmasters who actually does link back (when applicable of course).

    Secondly, all that images shows is Lydia Wee of IObit giving you a link to post. Where does it say it is a Webtrickz exclusive giveaway? Heck, forget the e-mail, where on the link does it save Webtrickz exclusive freebie? From the link it looks like IObit is running a Win7 related promotion.

    Furthermore, kind of hard to claim it belongs to you when, according to Google, another website posted it before you ( To add salt to the wound, gets a lot less traffic than so there is there is little chance Google just “missed” Webtrickz and indexed Backbonemag first.

    I give credit when it is due. In this case, a reader e-mailed me and told me. If I read about it from your website, I would have put a nice little [via Webtrickz] on it like I have in the past.

    You can’t copyright public-domain information.

    P.S. An IObit forum moderator at Wilder’s claims they are “offering IObit Security 360”.

  • @Ashraf Here is the proof dude: I got this link officially from Lydia Wee of IObit. See this email for confirmation:
    I don’t know why people don’t bother to give a linkback to original site from which they got the stuff.

  • Ashraf

    @sunkumarspace: What do you mean “is the promo link for you”? I see nothing on the webpage indicating it is a magazine or website specific promo so I don’t see why it “isn’t for me”. If it was a magazine specific promo, I wouldn’t have posted about it. If it was a websites specific promo I would have given credit where it was due (just because a website claims it is “exclusive” does not mean it is; I could claim every freebie I post about on dotTech is dotTech Exclusive but that doesn’t make it true without proof).

    As far as I am concerned, this is a freebie for the general public.

    EDIT: After reading over this comment, I get the feeling I sound like an arrogant, pissed, off jerk. I may be an arrogant jerk but I am not pissed off =P.

  • Med Rad

    Just stumbled across this website from This is wonderful and thanks for your great work.
    Please note that i have used the key 9F42D-24AA4-C9E61-180AF.
    Thanks again
    Med Rad

  • WECH

    I like it so far, seems not conflict with others (Avast!), and it’s fast. the only problem is the code are one time use, I wanted to try on 2nd computer but no go, maybe use disposable address to get multiple key is the only way to try on multiple computers. (it will be concern when we decide it’s good enough to buy, $20 for each PC every year ?
    household plan is better)

  • @lfr@n

    Iobit doesnot spam at all.

  • Ignat Titus

    Thank for announce me for this promotion for my favorite tool.Everything was very easy and fast for me.Also i must to thank to Iobit for this promotion.

  • etim

    Activated on #17. Thanks MUCH Ash!!

  • Ashraf

    Anyone having trouble getting a key for IObit Security 360 please read my “Update” to the post above on how to get a key.

  • Ashraf

    @Quro@75: I don’t get it. Did you get the key or not? Lol.

    @Conn09: It should work with Norton just fine. Also, Norton > AVG in my book (at least Norton 09 vs AVG 8/8.5).

    P.S. You are welcome =).

    @etim: As I said I don’t have much personal experience with the product so I can’t confirm/deny it will help you if you download it. However I can tell you it won’t take away from the protection provided by Avira.

    @alalata: You are weclome =).

    @dr Nitin: I don’t celebrate Diwali but right back at you =). Also, did you try to get the key again?

    @alfran: Thanks for the info, and you are welcome =).

    @KOR: You are welcome =).

    @delenn13: You are welcome… and thank you!

    @MikeR: You are welcome. Also, I agree with you – dumping a firewall for antimalware/antivirus is not smart.

    @Mayur: Ira is the person who informed me about this offer. Why?

    @gpc111: You are welcome =). Thanks for the tip – I will update my post to reflect it.

    @Conn09: By design IObit Security 360 is supposed to work well with all other security software.

    @pao: You are welcome =). And thank you =).

    @Ozzie: Same to you =).

    @George357: Thanks for the info on AVG + Security 360 usage.

  • I absolutely love IOBits products so far. I use the pro version of Advanced System Scan 3 and now the Pro version of 360. This is great software with no conflicts with my AVG 8.5 free.


  • Ozzie

    @ Dr Nitin: Happy Diwali! We celebrated last night with friends at the Indian Embassy! Indeed, happy Diwali all!

  • thanks for the info! i’m so happy they offered this for free for a year. i’ve been using this with advanced system cleaner and they’ve saved me from many windows errors since i installed them. :) love your blog, btw, very informative and helpful. keep it up!

  • Conn09

    @alfran: Thanks For the assist.
    I thought with my luck it might not work.

    I was just wondering do you or anyone else know of a list of Anti Virus’s that work well together (again compatibility with Norton)

  • gpc111

    Thank you Ashraf for this great find. I have this program already installed. I was thinking of buying the pro version. Now I get to try it for free. As a tip I entered my normal email address and did not receive the key. Using a second, seldom used address I received it in a matter of minutes. If you don’t receive the key, try another address

  • May I know who is Ira and from where you got this promo link.

  • MikeR

    A disclaimer first: no, I don’t work for Iobit. Nor am related to anyone there.

    I rely a great deal on this developer’s software. It’s light, fast, effective, and does what it says. I run Advanced System Care PRO and it’s as good as anything else around (in my experience.)

    I have also used Iobit’s 360 app since it was first launched. No compatability probs with anything else, and yes, it does its job — put it like this: repeated comparison scans between 360 and Malwarebytes have produced identical results. And Malwarebytes is excellent (again, in my experience.)

    I’ll certainly be taking up the 360 PRO opportunity: thanks, Ashraf.

    NB: A friend of mine junked his Comodo Firewall in favour of running 360 in conjunction with Avira AV. I’m not sure I’d recommend that, or follow his example, but he says he’s encountered no nasties / no problems in the previous three months.

  • etim

    @delenn13: Oh–so THAT’S why their server’s swamped! ;)

  • alfran


    It will work,don’t worry.

  • delenn13

    Great programs and thank you. I just twittered this and the Anvir TM for you.

    I don’t have a lot of followers but I used the hashtag #beatcancer because eBay/Paypal and MillerCoors are donating a cent per hashtag. So it should be ReTwittered a lot. I hope.

  • alfran

    i don’t see any problems,just make,like always,a systemtestorepoint and try it out.
    I am sure it will work with Norton.
    I had it running with McAfee and Kaspersky without any problems.

    Besides,they state it on their website:
    -Work with All Antivirus Products-

    -Everyone needs a qualified antivirus software, and IObit Security 360 PRO will surely be the best mate for your current Antivirus.-

    I also have Advanced SystemCare (Pro) from the same company,which is also an excellent programm.

  • KOR

    Thank you.
    I use 360 and have found it to work very well with ESET Smart Security Suite and is light and fast.

    I found I had to use several email addresses before the I was sent the free license.

  • Conn09

    @alfran: are you saying that it will also work alongside of Norton Internet Security?

    Plz i need answers.

  • alfran

    Great find guys.

    I have just tried the free version for 1 month on my journey through the Baltics.
    As an replacement for Windows Defender,which would not update on my netbook.
    That i had to install updates manually (free version) was a pain,but now with Pro i will enjoy it.
    I can recommend it,works with all security/antivirus suites and adds an extra layer of protection.A little bit more work,especially in the beginning,but worth it.

    Thanks Ashraf.

  • dr Nitin

    Dear Ashraf,
    Greetings from India and wish you all very Happy Diwali (the wonderful festival of Lights).
    Good news for me on this occasion.
    But No key for me after an hour of waiting.
    May be I will check after some time
    Thanks anyway.
    Dr Nitin

  • alalata

    Thanks Ashraf.

  • etim

    Hi Ashraf et. al.–

    I use iobit’s ASC often and have a good impression of the company and its products in general.

    I tried the free version of the security 360 the other day–it seemed to run OK on my old, slow clunker but didn’t find any new nasties on my PC either. Due to my limited resources I just uninstalled it for the time being.

    My question–what would reinstalling it do to add to the protection I already get from my Avira Antivir?

  • Conn09

    I got the license Key within a few seconds.
    U might want to try and resend it, just in case.

    Also i have one compatibility question, will this be compatible with NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2009 because i would really like to test this anti malware.

    before i sign off i just want to say, i want no reply’s plz saying things like, “why did you get Norton, AVG is much better” i’ve already heard thing like that, i just want my compatibility question answered.


    P.S thanks to Ashraf for another great freebie

  • Quro@75

    What can I say? Already sign up to IObit for almost 8 hours now. They said that the key has been sent, but I think the key was lost somewhere in the sea. Hopeless…