Windows 8.1 will feature internet sharing (tethering) and native Miracast support


Microsoft is still continuing to trickle out new features that will be part of Windows 8.1. And with BUILD coming soon, we should see the real deal rather soon. We had a pretty lengthy preview last week, and now we are seeing even more of what we’re going to get in Windows 8.1. Microsoft announced today that Windows 8.1 will support Miracast wireless displays natively, as well as internet sharing (also known as tethering). It’ll also bring NFC tap-to-pair printing, WiFi Direct print, improved IT controls and other enhancements to the platform’s security and management.

It appears most of the new features for the update are all “behind the scenes” so the average user won’t see much in the terms of “new” stuff when they update to Windows 8.1. But users will definitely find more things to hate about Windows in 8.1. The source link below has a full list of various improvements.

[Via Windows Team Blog]

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