Introducing the iHeart Locket, a smart necklace and diary app for children

iHeart Locket diary for iPad

Diaries and journals used to be a pretty big part of being an adolescent. Some adults, like myself even still keep a journal just to collect personal thoughts. Recently, I even covered a diary app for Android that works quite well, you should definitely check it out if you have any interest in keeping a personal journal or diary.

Unfortunately, traditional diaries only offered a simple and measly lock which did little to keep out the prying eyes of intruders. Nowadays, everything is digital so it only makes sense that the modern diary would be on some kind of mobile device or tablet. It also stands to reason that it would be a lot more secure, and it won’t fit in a shoebox under your bed.

iHeart Locket is a diary for children that can be locked via a smart necklace pendant. What makes it unique is that it’s actually compatible with the iPad. Of course, the setup is clearly targeted towards teenage girls because the pendant is heart shaped and adorned with pink and gold accents.

The diary is reminiscent of a scrapbook, allowing users to add photos, personal drawings, stickers, audio recordings and more. Thanks to voice-to-text technology from Nuance those who are too young to type out messages can just speak them out loud. Heck, I want that for my own journal (it is available for the Android app mentioned above since you can just use the Google voice keyboard).

Diary pages can be exported as photos to the iPad image gallery, or even to iBooks as a password protected PDF file for access elsewhere. This allows children to build a journal that’s entirely digital.

The pendant includes two buttons and a speaker that are used in conjunction with the iPad app to unlock access to the diary. Every pendant includes a unique audio code that can be played back to lock and unlock the diary on the device, obviously you press the lock button on the pendant to do so. The other button allows users to erase content from the diary. Since each pendant is unique, you cannot use a separate pendant to unlock someone else’s diary.

Of course, we all know that children often lose things, so just in case the pendant is misplaced the diary can also be unlocked with a four digit code which serves as a backup.

The app is free to download from iTunes, while the iHeart Locket smart necklace and pendant is $25. Check out the source link below for more information, or to pick it up for your munchkin. You could always get it to use as your own diary if you so desire, but I wouldn’t tell anyone about that.

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