Here’s the first official video walkthrough of Windows 8.1 [Video]


We’re now only a few weeks away from Microsoft’s Build developer conference, where we’ll be bombarded with news about everything Windows — and more specifically, Windows 8.1. But it looks like Microsoft couldn’t wait until then to give us our first official walkthrough of the update.

Titled the “First look at Windows 8.1,” the video shows Microsoft’s Jensen Harris show off all the different features we can expect from Windows 8.1. Just a week ago, Microsoft revealed details on the update, as well as some handy screenshots. This walkthrough marks our first official look at the OS in video form:

What do you think of the changes Microsoft’s making? Let us know in the comments!

[via WindowsVideos]

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  • AT

    Fail. Complete fail. Did not address any concerns people have raised. But you can now change the colours and background image to your liking. Looks like I’m jumping OS again. Windows 9 had better not be like this but I guess I’m asking for too much.

  • Jay

    Microsoft listened to the complaints of everybody stuck with the Windows 8 turkey…..and ignored them.

  • Tom

    Grandma will love this!

  • Frank D

    [@jayesstee] And I’m just ecstatic about those fancy new 2x-size and 1/2-size tiles! Won’t that make my life easier. By the way, did I just happen to get a glance at a “Start” button tucked away down there in the lower-left corner? No mention of that.

  • Mike

    The Apps side of Win8 I coming along, as a new, alternative OS. But what I find so humorous is, it still is behind Win8 Desktop–the “new” app improvements really are simply trying to get the App side to what has been possible on the Desktop side for many years.

  • jayesstee

    [@Frank D] Good description!  I now rename Win 8 to “Windows Fluff”.
    Why was the guy wetting his knickers over these features?  In chasing the iPad/iPhone/Android market, they are getting further away from their core users who want an OS that allows (and even helps) the to actually use their computer to actually do something.
    I had hoped that 8.1 would help those of us who just wanted an improved, lighter – less bloated, faster, more secure, updated Win 7. Now that might dampen my knickers!

  • Frank D

    The all-new, bright, shiny Win8!

    All the “new stuff” they had to show me is “new fluff.” Apparently no one has anything to do but do “fun stuff” and save it on the cloud.

    Win7 is the new WinXP.

  • RealBull

    When I tried Win8 for the first time, I had my fears because of the bad reviews. But when I tried it, I didn’t have that much trouble using it at all. Of course there were some things I had to learn, but after that I didn’t think it was “bad” like everyone was making out to be. My first impressions were that it was fast, smooth and innovative.
    I don’t own Win8, because I had bought Win7 before the release of Win8. It was a nice deal on a laptop because they were making room for Win8 PC’s and laptops. If I had not bought Win7 before, I would have gladly bought a Win8 laptop.
    I think the majority of the people have been so use to using XP/Vista/7 OS style that they have a hard time adjusting to the change because they just want to dive-in and start using it. With some patience, using Win8 can be interesting to use. And it seems 8.1 is the first step towards improving functionality.

  • mikegg

    I’ve been using Windows since Win 3.0 and DOS and 8 is by far the best. Yes, there was a small learning curve, and, yes, I missed the Start menu at first (small app fixed that-there have been several available since Win 8 was released). But, Win 8 Pro is the fastest and most stable Win OS I have used. I have not had one crash or blue screen since I got my new laptop last December. I don’t have a touch screen. Using a separate keyboard and mouse and additional monitors, the touch screen would have been awkward to reach and use. Instead, I use a Logitech 650 Touchpad with my left hand and a mouse with my right hand. Best of both worlds without reaching for a monitor.
    From what I saw in the video, Win 8.1 makes a very good OS even better. Can’t wait to try out some of the new features.
    Mike G.

  • Prema

    what!! there was a start button right there.. was it that hard to click it :(

  • Enrique

    [@Tom] And this post literally just got published :p

  • Tom

    What? No comments?

    Is that because no one uses Win8, lol.