[Review] AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint

{rw_text}Giveaway of the day for October 20, 2009 is:

AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint

Version reviewed:


System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista 32bit; Additional software: Microsoft PowerPoint 2002/2003/2007/2010

Software description as per GOTD:

PDF to PowerPoint (PDF to PPT) is a professional PDF solution to convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentations. PDF to PowerPoint fulfills your conversion by one click. The original layouts, text content, images, and hyperlinks are exactly retained in the generated PPT files. Batch conversion and fast processing help you save the time. You can convert PDF to PowerPoint 2010, 2007 or 2003 without any problems. You just need to import PDF files and click Convert, then the converter will do the rest for you.Key Features:

  • Convert PDF files to PPT presentations quickly and accurately;
  • Retain all the original layouts, text content, images, and hyperlinks;
  • Support encrypted PDF file conversion;
  • Batch convert 200 PDF files at the same time;
  • Support Microsoft PowerPoint 2010;
  • Support languages: English, Turkish, Thai, Latin, Korean, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese;
  • More details..

Ashraf’s note:

My apologies to dotTechies and GOTDers’ for today’s review. I did not properly conduct an investigation the first time around on AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint so I had to revise my review many times before I could publish it. You may also notice I posted multiple comments on GOTD today (for the same reason).


Windows 7/Vista users should run AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint as Administrator every time or else it may get stuck at “Waiting” when converting files.


One more program I ran into after I installed and used today’s giveaway version instead of using just the trial version: AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter is crashing and does not fully convert any PDF file! This is really odd because when I used the trial version to write my full review (the trial version only allows you to convert the first three pages) the conversions finished just fine. However with the GOTD version ABS PtP is crashing and not finishing any file conversion. This is on Windows 7 but AnyBizSoft claims Windows 7 is supported (the developer’s website states “The First PDF to PowerPoint Converter supports Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7“).

Upon further investigation, it looks like we are getting v1.0.0.12 from GOTD but v1.0.0.8 is the one available directly from the developer’s website. ABS messed up something in v1.0.0.12 because it keeps crashing. However v1.0.0.8 works just fine. Therefore I suggest everyone do the following:

Now keep in mind this problem is happening on Windows 7. I don’t know if the same problem occurs on other OSes because I have not had a chance to test it on them yet.

————————-{/rw_text} –>


  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • Not too slow or too resource intensive.
  • Fairly good conversion accuracy (although not 100% perfect).
  • You can convert up to 200 PDFs in batch.
  • Allows you to convert whole PDF or select pages.
  • Can convert “encrypted” PDFs.
  • Supports drag + drop.

{/rw_good} –>


  • Converts PDF to PPTX (instead of PPT).
  • You need Microsoft Office installed to use.

{/rw_bad} –>

{for=”Ease of Use” value=”8″}Point and click for the most part. However if yo have Microsoft Office 2007/2010, ABS PtP will convert to PPTX instead of PPT so you will have to open up the PPTX and save it as PPT manually if you plan on sending it to someone who can’t open PPTXs.
{for=”Performance” value=”8″}Although not 100% prefer, the conversion accuracy is pretty good.
{for=”Usefulness” value=”5″}Because it needs Microsoft PowerPoint to convert, many people won’t find this useful because many people don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint.
{for=”Arbitrary Equalizer” value=”8″}This category reflects an arbitrary number that does not specifically stand for anything. Rather this number is used to reflect my overall rating/verdict of the program in which I considered all the features and free alternatives.
{/rw_score} –>

{/rw_verdict} –>

AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint is a simple, easy-to-use program that converts PDFs to PowerPoint presentations.

That being said, this is what AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint (ABS PtP) looks like:


Using ABS PtP is very easy; even easier than eating pie. You simply click on “Add Files…” and add the PDFs you want to convert, or you can drag + drop the PDFs. You can convert 200 PDFs in batch so feel free to add as many PDFs (up to 200) as you want.

Once you have added a PDF, you can select to convert only specific pages…


…or if you would rather just convert the whole PDF you can leave it at “All”. After that, simply hit “Convert” to begin converting the PDFs. When the conversions are done, you should be able to click on the hyperlink under “Status” to access the PowerPoints directly:


Conversions are done at a pretty good speed, although not “blazing fast” either: it took me about 30 seconds to convert a 51 page PDF; computer resource usage is not too bad either (~50% CPU and ~50 MB RAM combined between PowerPoint and ABS PtP during conversion process).

Furthermore, the conversion accuracy is pretty good. Although not 100% prefect (I noticed it tends to miss converting backgrounds on a regular basis), ABS PtP accurately converts the text and images of PDFs. However, sometimes the images may be converted in such as way that they will not be single images which you can play around with individually but rather all the images may be combined together as one image or the image and background may be combined together as one image. The text, however, is always converted into text boxes so you can easily edit it.

Overall AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint is a good program; I give it a thumbs up. However there are two major cons worth noting. ABS PtP uses Microsoft PowerPoint as part of its conversion process. This means two things:

  • If you have Microsoft Office 2007/2010, you will be creating .PPTX instead of .PPT (if you have Microsoft Office 2003 you will create .PPT). Therefore you will have to manually go in and save the .PPTX as .PPT if you plan on sending them to anyone that cannot open .PPTX files. A simple trick to go from .PPT -> .PPTX I know of is simply renaming the file from .PPTX -> .PPT. I don’t know if this works all the time or not (it should) but it is pretty handy.
  • If you don’t have Microsoft Office installed, you will not be able to use ABS PtP.

This review was conducted on a laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. The specs of the laptop are as follows: 3GB of RAM, a Radeon HD 2600 512MB graphics card, and an Intel T8300 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

{rw_verdict2}Since you have to have Microsoft Office installed to use, AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint will be useless to many people. However to those that do have Microsoft Office, ABS PtP is a useful nice tool so I give it a thumbs up. Since I don’t know of any free alternatives that do a better job at converting PDF to PowerPoint, I also recommend AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint to anyone that needs it.
{/rw_verdict2} –>

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  • Mir Wajahat Ali

    Please send me the registration code of AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter v1.0.0.8

  • A. S.

    AnyBizSoft’s site offers some free PDFs of U.S. mags:

    Computer Shopper, March, 2009;
    Popular Science, Apr, 2009;
    Consumer Reports, June, 2008;
    CG Arena, Dec, 2008/Jan, 2009; and
    Business Week, March, 2009

  • A. S.

    Tested on Win XP, SP2, Microsoft Office 2003 (inc. PowerPoint 2003).

    1. I installed the GaotD version, listed in the prog as v., not (see Help > About)
    2. Converted 5 PDFs – application form, printable voucher, ‘printer’ booklet and 2 catalogues (all 3 are heavy with photos and graphics)
    3. Downloaded v., from Ashraf’s link, and installed it over the GaotD version, without any problems.
    4. Converted the same PDFs.

    1. PowerPoint files are “.ppt” files.
    2. I can’t detect any differences, in the resulting PPTs, between the and conversions.
    3. Text is misaligned (overlapping the images) in many of the pages.
    4. Text font has changed in many of the PPTs.
    5. The only curved text, in the ‘printer’ PDF, was replaced with stepped letters.

    There aren’t any problems with the graphics or photos in the PPTs and all the text is present, with only slight overlapping, on occasion, in some of the PPTS. This is probably owing to the change of font increasing the width of the lettering.

    It’s a good programme, but not one to replace a commercial prog, if it is needed for professional settings – the overlapping text may be a little embarrassing.

    I’ve uploaded the test PDFs and their conversions to mediafire.com:

    AnyBizSoft PDF to PPT Test PDFs
    AnyBizSoft PDF to PPT Conversions
    AnyBizSoft PDF to PPT Conversions

  • Roy Smith

    Hi Ashraf and all

    I just wanted to say Thank you Ashraf for another great as always review.

    But when I installed v1.0.0.8 and ran the activate.exe from GAOTD it would not register at all no matter how many times I tried.

    However I did solve the puzzle by installing v1.0.0.12 from the GOTD bundle registering that with the activate.exe and then reinstalling v1.0.0.8 over the top of v1.0.0.12 and v1.0.0.8 read the registration code from v1.0.0.12 and registered itself that way.

    I believe that is the way that any updates are done for ABS products anyway because that’s how I updated to the newer version of the giveaway of the ABS PDF to HTML they gave away recently on GOTD

    This is just a heads up for anyone who had the same problem trying to activate and register v1.0.0.8 as I did.

    As to the results from the conversion they seem to be pretty good and definitely good enough for any presentations that I would ever have to make.

  • Nebulous


    I had no problems in Vista 64 Home Premium. Just using a “regular guy” login.

    What problems are you encountering?

  • I wonder if anyone found a way to run it in Vista without using an admin account?? If so, how? I can get it to register and run as an admin, but I obviously don’t have an admin account as my everyday login — do I have to switch users just to run this small utility?

  • i wonder if any of microsoft’s ppt(|x) viewers could be used by 3rd party converters, instead of only (versions of) $$ware ms office (powerpoint)?

  • it’s true that eating pie is not as easy as it seems. pie crust is crumbly, so pie parts may suddenly shift around, often while raising your spoon (fork? bolo knife? fishhook? your choice. whatever).
    however, unlike cake (which can also be somewhat dry), you *can* have your pie and eat it too. so…


  • Nebulous

    What happened to my extended review? Did the link I included trip it?

    If so, I can resubmit without the link.

  • dan laemont

    Ashraf: Tou your point about other OS’s, be advised that it works beautifully on Vista Home Premium and Office 2007. No issues at all.

    Hope that helps?

  • Nebulous

    I submitted extended comments earlier, though at this moment they haven’t shown up on this page.

    I wanted to add that, upon further inspection, when I printed the PPTX file the graphics were well below standard quality. It looks acceptable on my monitor, but in print there are jagged edges and color bleeds.

    I zoome all the way in to inspect more closely within PowerPoint, and the jaggedness is there. You just don’t notice it at 100% zoom.

    It’s still a far better quality of conversion than anything else I’ve tried, and I think for a presentation it would look fine. It’s just not print quality.

  • Nebulous

    Something seems to be hosed on GAOTD’s registration. I registered so I could add a review, but I’m not getting the confirmation email with the password (and no, it’s not going to SPAM — I checked).

    Maybe that’s why I’ve noticed that the number of comments/reviews over there has declined recently?

    Oh well.

    I wanted to add three things to your (ALWAYS!) excellent review. I offer below, one BIG positive, one neutral, one BIG negative, and a Question:

    I am amazed at the quality of the PDF output. I uploaded a 2.6MB, 13-page PDF that was heavy with graphics (drawings I believe originated from PPT’s drawing or SmartArt tools before being converted to PDF) as well as a lot of text.

    As far as I can see, the conversion was flawless, and the graphics are of perfect quality. They do get rendered to some sort of Raster image (such as BMP), but that’s to be expected.

    One thing that impressed me was that when text was overlaid on graphics, the text was converted properly to text boxes and overlaid on the image in exactly the right spot and size. I’ve tried several of these conversion tools, and none has impressed me like this one.

    The timing of this offer was really strange for me. I don’t know if I have ever needed to covert PDF to PowerPoint before — maybe once or twice, I can’t remember. But it’s not my usual thing. Just YESTERDAY I had a pressing need for this and spent HOURS trying a few downloaded and on-line tools using the same file I used today. Every one of them — even the highest rated from trusted sources — did a terrible job. I ended up using Vista’s Snipping Tool to copy/paste the pages into PowerPoint, but then they weren’t editable and I had to do all sorts of tricks to make them usable for my purpose. This tool would have saved me many hours of work.

    = 2 = THE NEUTRAL
    Ashraf wondered about whether the tool chose PPTX over PPT because he had PowerPoint 2007. I don’t know the answer, but I did try changing PowerPoint 2007’s default Save format to PPT before I ran my test. It still saved in PPTX. FWIW.

    During installation, I was asked whether I also wanted to install Software Inspector, which says it lets me know when updates are available for this and other programs. I don’t trust programs like that if I’m not familiar with them, especially when they are bundled. I use Secunia for that purpose. I said NO, I don’t want to install it and proceeded. After installation, it was installed anyway!!! Not only that, it was launched automatically!!! I promptly uninstalled it, but this is a major problem to me and leaves me with worries.

    = 4 = THE QUESTION
    This was offered today for free to GAOTD users. So why in the world on their website at http://www.anypdftools.com/pdf-to-powerpoint.html does it currently say “$9.95 for GOTD Users ONLY on October 20, 2009?” It says that in light blue text to the right of the Download and Buy Now buttons.

    All in all, I like the tool very much based on my one test (especially as compared to other tools out there). However, the Software Inspector think has me spooked.

  • @Ashraf: Ash,
    Is there freeware or shareware that will create PP pres from say
    PDF AND other docs like Office, JPGs, etc???
    BTW so glad you do the reviews GAOD and suggest other pgms!

  • Ashraf

    @Adrian: There are OO plugins out there which you can download. But for the most part, OO doesn’t have big enough of a market share yet for developers to properly monetize yet (in my opinion of course).

  • I really don’t know why developers won’t create office software that works with OpenOffice!