No GOTD review for October 19, 2009 giveaway

Hello friends,

I am busy working on a special project for dotTech’s upcoming 1 year birthday (surprise! =P). Since I am behind schedule and I only have a few days left, I decided to skip out on reviewing today’s (October 19, 2009) giveaway.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Take care,


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  • Jyo

    Awesome, and congrats on dotTech, this website has been a sure fire success (take our word for it)!



  • Find dottech interesting and useful!

    Using many of the reccomended progs.

    Looking forward to birthday surprise.

    What can it be?

  • jumbi

    This notification is very useful so that we dont wait in vain for the review to come before we decide to download and test a program!


  • dr Nitin

    Many Happy Returns of the Day in advance, Ashraf
    Keep up the good work.
    Dr Nitin

  • MikeR

    Only a year old????? Seems like has been around a helluva lot longer. But that’s a reflection of the sheer volume of information generated within its pages, and the hard work that has gone into it.

    Happy Birthday,, and salutations to Ashraf, Jean-Luc & all the others who have contributed so freely to this premier resource.

    Here’s to another year, and the next ten, and the 100 after that — immortality guaranteed!


  • Jeff Taylor

    This kind of “no review” notification is very useful, and greatly appreciated.

  • Grant

    Meh. Looks like it’s just a plug in for the overpriced, overbloated M$ Excel anyway… :P

    Congrats & Thanks for a great year, Ashraf!