This is what happens when Xbox One becomes HAL 9000 [Video]


When the Xbox One was announced last month, the fear that Microsoft instilled on every gamer’s mind was the idea that used games would become a thing of the past. It also raised privacy concerns due its always-online nature. But what if we’ve been worrying and arguing about the wrong thing this entire time?

You see, the Xbox One’s next-generation Kinect sensor is a pretty advanced piece of kit. The camera can not only see you and your surroundings in high-definition, but it can also do some crazy things like see your emotions, where you’re looking, and even your heart rate — yup, it can measure that by looking at changes in the pigmentations of your skin.

Now what if the Kinect actually turned out to be smart too? It would have pretty good chance at that, especially since it might even be able to gather your personal data. It all sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie, really. A sci-fi movie like, I don’t know, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

It looks like YouTube user GrittyReboots is way ahead of us, and has come up with this awesome video of what it’d be like if the Xbox One went all HAL 9000 on us humans. Check it out:

Microsoft acquired a home automation company earlier this year, you know. Just throwing that out there. (Hint: Don’t let Microsoft and the Xbox One have control of your house!)

[via GrittyReboots Kotaku]

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  • Enrique

    [@JMJ] I have an article on that going up soon. But to answer your question, it’s going to require an online check every 24 hours. If it can’t connect, you won’t be able to play your video games.

  • JMJ

    Hmm? Funny AND thought provoking. Can you image it refusing to obey your “Xbox off” command? I’m definitely going to install a separate circuit breaker for my Xbox One with no battery backup, either, just in case it goes all Xbox 9000 on me. :)

    @Enrique – Have you learned any more about the “every 24-hour authentication” requiring the box to always be “on” and connected to the Internet? What happens if it cannot authenticate on schedule? There is no way I would allow it to do that. I don’t even like my software to automatically call home for updates.

  • naveed

    HAL9000 meet Skynet