Do It Again: Simple, easy-to-use free macro recorder that gets the job done

I am sure you have all heard of Easy Macro Recorder, a commercial macro recording software. Now I am going to tell you about a freeware macro recording software which is more simple than Easy Macro Recorder (doesn’t have any “macro editing” features) but more easier to use. dotTechies meet Do It Again:


Do It Again is an extremely easy-to-use macro recorder which records all keyboard and mouse clicks. You simply click on “Create a New Task”, do whatever you want to record, then hit the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard to end the recording. You pick a name for the macro, and done – you can play it back at will by clicking on the macro from the Do It Again program window or you can associate .DIA files with Do It Again and double click on the macro files (one .DIA file is created for each macro you created and placed in Do It Again’s program folder) to run the macros.

One interesting thing about Do It Again is the fact that it doesn’t record mouse movements or motions – it records mouse clicks. Now this does have its down side (i.e. if you depend on hovering your mouse over something Do It Again will be unable to replicate that) but the upside to doing things this way is it minimizes the computer resources Do It Again uses. Other good things about this method is you can play back macros at faster speeds than you recorded them because you can set Do It Again to minimize the time delays between each keypress or mouse click to .01 seconds. In fact, in terms of mouse clicks you can tell Do It Again to go from mouse click to mouse click without any delay at all. Inversely, this method also Do It Again to give the user an option where he/she can “delay” the playback inserting arbitrary “pauses” between each keypress or mouse click.

Other features of Do It Again are:

  • Allowing a user to repeat a macro up to 99,999 times and placing X second pauses between each reputation (0-9999 seconds).
  • Allowing the user to set a hotkey to the user must press to “progress” macros when they are playing back. Think of how PowerPoint works and how you can set each animation/slide to only go forward if you press a key or mouse button.

If you are ever stuck and don’t understand what a feature is, Do It Again has a really helpful “QuickHelp” drop down menu which thoroughly explains what each feature under “Options” does.

One thing I suspect, but can’t confirm at the moment because I can’t find my flash drive, is Do It Again can be used as a portable application. Looking in its Program Files folder, it has nothing there which can’t be moved to and run off a USB/flash drive. Update: Thanks to Peter K for confirming Do It Again works from a USB/flash drive just fine! So if you want to use it on a USB/flash drive, either install it to the drive or copy the contents of C:/Program Files/Do It Again to your USB/flash drive.

Now, Do It Again is just a simple macro recorder – it records macros by recording the positioning of your mouse relative to your monitor and does not do intelligent macro recording (i.e. recording macros by what programs are the subject of the actions instead of recording by position) nor does it account for screen resolution changes. However, as it stands, Do It Again is my macro recorder of choice because of how simple it is. If you feel you can make good use of Do It Again, download it from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.6

Supported OS: Windows Vista/Windows XP SP2+/2000 – It also works on Win7 just fine

Note: .NET Framework 2.0 is needed

Do It Again homepage [direct download]

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  • Velma Sparks

    Thanks for the free download link, but as for me is best software for it. Try to and I’m sure you’ll feel the difference. Good luck.

  • Name

    Multiple monitors causes conflicts with this freeware.

  • jack

    does it support win8??

  • saikat

    captchas are created by websites to prevent them being overloaded by automated attacks.hence they are created so that they are only solvable by humans.if such a tool exists then captchas would be irrelevant

  • onaca420

    i wish there was a macro that would read captcha if you develope something as such let me know and thankyou

  • john

    I really like Do It Again. However, I would like to ask if you will be considering Do It Again as an APP for ipad or iphone?

    Thank you

  • fdottechk

    Did you contact the developer, Tony?
    I have emailed him for support more than once. Replies have been prompt and helpful.

  • iljlijliji

    Do It Again completely crashes my machine. It conflicts badly with SnoopFree Privacy Shield and throws a BSOD when given permission to access the screen.

  • Kammreiter

    So it is a – do it exactly again…

  • @Tony Johnson:

    One of the things I am looking for is a MACRO recorder (or is it something else?) that would allow me to record the actions on one computer, and then apply those actions to other computers.

    I reconfigure operating systems and although it only takes me about 15 minutes to configure over 250 tweaks, teaching others to do the same is beyond challenging. A macro/script type solution would solve this. Tony and/or Ashraf, will this work or is there another solution?

  • My name’s Tony and I’m the developer of Do It Again. Thank you for writing this article Ashraf. I’m glad you like Do It Again. This site sent 261 visitors to my website in one day (according to Google Analytics)… Mar 20, 2010. I need to update the website to reflect the fact that Do It Again supports Windows 7 (or rather, I should say that Windows 7 supports Do It Again, as I didn’t need to make any changes to the latest version to get it to work on Win7).


  • Denis

    It looks a good program. The start up music is somewhat scary when you don’t expect it however you can turn it off

  • a simple happy man

    Hi Ashraf and everyone

    One thing I have discovered with my second use of Do It Again is that if your window is a different size or in a different place to when you made the recording it will not work.

    The reason is that it not only records your clicks but also exactly where on your screen that click was made, so it seems like if I want it to work properly everything has to be in exactly the same place as when I made the original recording.

    So the answer is to have windows opened up full (I think?) when making the recording

  • a simple happy man

    I went to the homepage and I now know what a macro is and I can see they can be very useful.

    Thanks Ashraf

  • secret2008

    Supported OS: Windows Vista (any), Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (Home or Professional), Windows 2003/2000


  • a simple happy man

    Hi Ashraf and all

    although you all say it is an excellent application for what it does my personal ignorance about what a Macro is and what I could do with it prevents me from agreeing or not agreeing.

    I have no idea whether it is necessary or not either!

  • fdottechk

    I have used Do It Again for over two years and have found it to be easy, practical and efficient. On a couple of occasions, I have emailed support and the response was prompt and very helpful.

  • Ashraf

    @Peter K: Thank you =).

  • Peter K

    Suspicion confirmed: No problems in running it from a flash drive. Just copy the installation folder to the flash drive, and run the exe.