State of the blog address: dotTech turns 1

On this day last year dotTech was started. Well, technically speaking it was PoliticallyMotivated at that time but who is keeping tabs, right? Over the past year, from the first post to this most recent one,  dotTech has blossomed from an unknown entity to one of the most respected, referenced, and authoritative technology blogs on the Internet.

The dotTech community has grown from Ashraf talking to himself to a dedicated readership of over 2,000 subscribed readers who visit on a daily basis. Even better, this community is not a segregated group from one part of the world. From the Old World to the New World, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Atheists, Deists,  Buddhists, Hindus, black, white, brown, yellow, pink, red, male, female, young, old, and everything in between alike are on dotTech; indeed dotTechies are a diverse bunch who come from all nooks and corners of the world. Yet, still there is strong adhesive keeping us altogether regardless of our vast personal differences; and to that I salute – well done friends.

Whether you have contributed to dotTech’s professional growth by publishing unique and informative articles, providing your technical advice and topic suggestions freely, pulling out your checkbooks, providing artistic expertise, or just simply being here on a regular basis, I thank all you: thank you.

As the new dotTech year starts, let dotTech grow, prosper, and continue to champion technological advice without ever losing sight of its core, ethical values.

P.S. The new dotTech look was purposely put up to celebrate today (thank you Devraj for the really nice logo and favicon). I know many of you have posted your comments, suggestions, and criticisms about the new look in the comments of other articles already. However to make it more organized, so I can respond  and evaluate comments without missing some, please post all comments, suggestions, and criticisms here.

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  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: I may not respond to each and every comment but I am reading it all. A big thanks to everyone for their kind comments and great support!

    @Samuel: It works just fine for me in IE8 with or without compatibility mode. Can you send me a screenshot of what is going wrong for you?

  • @Ashraf: just want to let you know that the site doesn’t work or look right in IE8 unless I have it set to use compatability mode

  • Steelers6

    Congrats Asharf,

    Sorry I was late to the party, but keep up the great work you have a wonderful following.

    Love the new look. Everyone pitch in and send Asharf something for his DotTech Birthday!

    Vidimo Se!

  • ianr

    thanks for all the hard work. your site is the first site that i visit when i arrive at work and again at home. almost all my apps in my notebook are based on your suggestions and comments from your posters. more power and like someone said, mabuhay ka. :) love the new look by the way.

  • sos4ever

    Wow, I went back to GAOTD site and went backwards to see when I started following your wisdom and humor ;-) LOL Seems I started following you last December and when I first visited I was looking for your political take on things. I figured your humor would lend itself to putting a smile on my face. So like many, I watched for your comments at GAOTD and often times you saved me from looking at other comments as you were usually spot on with your recommendations. So happy birthday; I will be the dissenting voice by stating that I liked the black and white that was part of your last site. Although it is growing on me I suppose. I also have searched for your wisdom regarding website design, but alas I still wait. You are a kick and I thank you for that.

  • Love the new logo/favicon, and congrats on 1 year of awesomeness! :P Here’s to hoping the site will stick around for much, much longer.

  • TheWebmaster

    Great job ashraf!
    I’ve been here since the the start, and i remember when there were 76 email people with email notifications.
    Great job with the website,
    Thewebmaster of GOTD and Dottech

  • MikeR

    Well done, Ashraf! And — though I haven’t a clue who “Devraj” might be — incredibly well done, Devraj, too: the logo is gorgeous, a fabulous graphic in every respect and with a rare sense of humour, too.

    As for ‘technologians’: gosh, wow. . . Who thought that one up? Ver-rr-y impressive.

    The new theme is quite perfick — from my point of view: I have a large widescreen monitor so screen estate is ample, and the text size isn’t a problem. Whether or not an upsizing of the point size for comments / messages is worth experimenting with, I don’t know.

    Re PayPal donations. PayPal account holders may, like myself (though actually, they’re all a darn sight brighter than I am. . . so I don’t know why I’m pointing this out. . . but anyway!) have experienced some difficulty in the past in actually making a donation. I did. I resolved to try again but as with all good intentions, yeah, well. . .

    Anyway, as it’s the first birthday, and I’m surely not alone in hoping there’ll be many more, I’ve tried again with PayPal — last time around, I seemed to get into an endless loop about ‘entering more than 0’ even though the sum was, er, slightly higher than that. Turns out I hadn’t clicked the ‘update total’ button after entering in the figure, a necessary action when logging into the account to make the donation. Hopefully, others here have a brain that functions better than mine.

    So, then. Congratulations to all concerned on the new-look ‘blog’ — far more than a blog, really: it’s a comprehensive resource — and sincere thanks to Ashraf for the time, the skill, the patience and the hard work he continues to pump into this little enterprise of his (‘little’ today, but who knows, tomorrow?)

    I can’t possibly say anything more or anything better than the eloquent comment made by Mr Wizard at 22. . . so won’t even try.

    All best, dotTech, and all very best, too, to everyone on here, and their families, for another happy and successful year to come.

    :-) :-) :-)


    i already commented before but it worth commenting on the respected and supportive efforts/information provided by Ashraf

    Mashaa ALLAH

  • Great site! It’s usually the first emails I look for now that I found you. Thanks for sharing.

  • rk

    Dear Ashraf and Dottech Community

    Thanks for your unselfish service.

    by a feverish fan of dot-tech

  • a simple happy man

    Salam Ashraf,

    Congratulations and thank you so very sincerely for sharing the knowledge and wisdom that you have gained within your chosen field of endeavours in such a way that we may also learn what we need to know to be able to be successfull in our own ways.

  • As always Ashraf: THANKS!

    ;) jevvv from EnZed

  • skyflakes

    Congratulations to dotTech’s first.

    Mabuhay ka Ashraf!

  • Ozzie

    Greetings all! Ashraf, re-reading your post about how wonderfully, magnificently varied we, your loyal followers, are that it says less about us than it does about you. You are the one who brings us all together – from all walks of life; from every corner of the globe; of all fantastically beautiful colours, faiths, languages, cultures, orientations …

    You are building something special, Ashraf. My prediction is that this will take you places you never expected it would go. So continue to let it grow and evolve … and continue to create in this space the world we all hope we will see around us when we open our doors each morning.

    Power on, brother. Our respect is never-ending.

  • Hi Ashraf,
    Let me congratulate you on astonishing and marvelous one year of There is no doubt, you are the one among them who are really TECHIE. I hope you will do much more better than before in future.
    I could know dotTech a few days ago but now I know dotTech.
    Tech Geek

  • Harry

    Congratulations on a year,

    Happy Birthday to Dottech
    Happy Birthday to Dottech…
    Ok you get the idea, i look forward to the future years of this site

    The new theme looks awesome!

  • Tortuga

    @MrWizard: Hi and welcome!
    • About the Political side of the site, there wasn’t one, never existed. It was just a silly title that our silly Ashraf concocted for no good reason :P

    The dotTech name is quite recent in fact.
    • About the ‘mysterious’ part, well each time he says something personal there’s always a fuss or a moron to say he should stick w reviewing only … *sigh*
    • About him being interesting, intelligent, blahblahblah (you forgot funny) Ok, you really need to stop saying those things even if they are all true.
    He is insufferable as it is :P
    I’ve been trying to find some fault so I can torture him, haven’t found anything yet. Darn!!! Turns out he is quite an accomplished young lad.
    Hope to see you around

  • Tortuga

    @Nolookingca: Hi, thanks for pointing that out – I hadn’t notice yet … So much new stuff to check out!
    I’m starting a campaign to have some tools for the message box (any tools really) cause as of now Ashraf took away the little we had before :(
    I’ll be picketing outside his window this afternoon – are you w me? :)

  • MrWizard

    Congratulations Ashraf:

    First about the site, because that change is more dramatically obvious to me. It’s really quite stylish, the color scheme very comfortable on the eyes, which, by eliminating the stark B/W contrasts and the somewhat harsh fonts of the right side columns, has made the site (for me) much easier to use. Devraj deserves a round of applause.

    As far as the site content itself, I have only experienced excellence and therefore have no basis for previous comparison. I was reading your comments in GOTD for quite a while before I ever knew you had a website, and looked forward to them.

    It is unlikely that most of the readers are familiar with Anita Bryant, a former beauty queen who became famous for hawking Florida orange juice with the slogan “A day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine”. After a while that’s how I began to feel about your comments. Even if it was not about the day’s offering, there was usually a pearl of wisdom there worth taking.

    But I know nothing of the early days, the evolution through which you are celebrating. The link for the first post of one word does not help much. The old political website is gone so no luck there either. I would be interested in the history of the site if you have it archived.

    You seem to be an interesting, intelligent, generous, well expressed, helpful, but slightly mysterious young man Ashraf. (Everybody’s young compared to me – please do not take offense at the phrase. Students are just generally considered young regardless of age.)

    I have wondered why a full time student (you had mentioned within the past 6 months or so(?) that you were, I think) would take on an endeavor like this, or could even find the time. I know the arrangement with GOTD to get the offerings in advance helped you a lot; it helped us too – your review, not simply a comment, a review, is now first comment.

    Since I benefit from your work, and from others who contribute to your site, and from the freebies and notices that I have not seen elsewhere, I think a PayPal transaction is in order as a thank you. In addition to a personal:

    Thank You, Ashraf

  • jumbi

    Happy Birthday!

  • ASW Ashraf,

    Man, it feels like Eid on this link! Everyone so happy and jubilant :-)

    Dottech Mubarak! :-P

  • Ashraf

    @Adrian: Wow. Thank for telling me. It seems like I accidentally turned off e-mail notifications! Ahhhhhhhhh. I turned them back on. Be ready to be flooded with 3-4 emails =D.

  • amzai

    Happy Anniversary, as a new IT student I found you and all the members of this wonderful community which you built as my heroes in the field that I’ve just started.

    God bless everyone.let’s continue to help each other. United we stand and grow together.

  • Um Ashraf,

    I think the email notifications function has been broken since you changed the new look… I haven’t received an email ever since!


  • Ozzie

    Happy birthday to Dottech! Our little boy’s all growed up! :)

    And here’s to many more years head, dear soul!

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: A big thanks!

  • @Locutus: My bad. Guess my memories going on me. Well in that case it was my friends sweet 16, so its still important, sorta…

  • happy birthday! keep the entries coming. :)

  • @Samuel: I thought that was January 9th- the first post was October 22nd.

    @Ashraf: Congrats on having your 1yr anniversary on the same day as Win7 Final!

  • Wow, a whole year! Thats about the time Windows 7’s Beta came out :D

    Ahraf: Its been an honor reading your works and an even bigger honor being able to write for this blog. May we celebrate dotTech turning 2 with even more flair!

  • Nolookingca

    @Tortuga: I agree, but t would be nice if the comment text was pure black instead of this small gray font.

  • Tortuga

    Dear Ash

    Hey – What happened??!!! 8O

    Such a lovely surprise !!!
    Congratulations on the new look, congratulations on the nice little community you have built around you, thank you for all the great help.

    Look in your eMail, a little gift is coming ;)

    I also encourage everybody to consider a “Anniversary Gift” as its greatly deserved!
    Ashraf’s advice has been invaluable and has helped us all at one point or other on how to be safer, from installing crapware or making bad decisions. Our PCs are much happier w him around.

    I concur w Bill’s post, the text size is a bit too big.


    PS: Also want to mention I *LOVE* the new logo & the favicon!!
    •• A BIG Bravo Devraj :D

  • Zion

    I’ll miss the old, simple black and white dT theme.
    The new look is awesome though!

  • majisterludi

    I am honored to be considered part of the dottech community and commend you Ashraf for your most excellent and ethical work. The new look is very pleasing and easy on the eyes.

  • Ruchir

    Beautiful site.Hard work and brilliance of Ashraf bhai.Now it looks as attractive as useful and addictive it always was.Everybody will love this site now,everybody

  • Jyo

    @Locutus: I concur!! Thank YOU, Ashraf, for devoting so much time to this awesome site!

  • waldemar

    Very nice site! Thanks Ashraf!

  • Beautiful!

  • Ashraf

    @Taz: Thanks for the words and the cash =).

  • Taz

    Congratulations! :)
    Your one of my favorite people on the Internet! This site has been so much help and saved me a lot $ in the last year.

    Look for an “Anniversary Gift” coming from PayPal!

    I hope others will follow suit!

    Take Care,