• Peter

    [@Mike] Dont know the chicken-laws, but in good ole Germany one can be made responsible for the own unsecured wireles network components (we are still dreaming of politically mature citizens here).

  • plodex master

    brilliant. chicken. i get it. brilliant.

  • citizenearth

    An insulting image or picture would be great punishment for the irritating neighbor. Would use up lots of their printer inks.

  • David Roper


    That’s a great idea. How about Black on Black?

  • Netpilot

    Darn. When I started reading, I thought the entire printout was going to be white-on-black. Using up a whole black printer cartridge would be real punishment.

  • Prema

    [@David Roper]

    lol I couldn’t even finish the title before I started laughing lolololol

    well i think you’re looking at it wrong. His neighbors were loud and annoying. I would do this a million times for a good laugh.

  • Mike

    LOL. And likely violates the law–the guy could get sued, perhaps serving the guy right (how would you feel if someone did this to you and your printer?) …

  • David Roper

    Sorry to post again, but dammit I just read this article to my wife, started laughing and almost peed in my pants laughing while saying it outloud to her.

    It’s twice as funny if you read it outloud. Try it. Outrageous.

  • David Roper

    Duck Duck Goose.?