• Greg


    If you take one of the cornstarch peanuts and put it in water, it swells up and dissolves like a Cheerio. I sure would hate to see what happens if your package got really wet…

  • Peter

    If one has got the possibility to buy small components in a store around the corner, then do so. (Almost) no waste of plastic nor food.

  • Netpilot

    [@David Roper] — Chuckle —

    I ordered a set of two for my sedan and a set of three for my wife’s SUV in one order. I have Amazon Prime so they ship from wherever the inventory is to get them to me in two days.

    They shipped from three different places in three different boxes, two-day air. They came three, one, and one. The longest 21″ wiper came in its own 18″ x 12″ x 12″ box. No packing material – the wiper package was placed diagonally in the box. The cardboard weighed more than the wiper.

    Their shipping cost for the FedEx dimensional (DIM) weight must have been more than the wiper blade. Then again, Amazon probably pays a flat rate per package with the volume they ship.

    Re cornstarch peanuts – they don’t ‘squeak’ like the plastic ones, they’re a bit darker, and they aren’t as smooth. You can’t mistake them.

  • David Roper

    So how do you know they are made of Cornstarch? Eat one?

    My luck they would be foam and last 1,000 years in the garden. ;-(

  • I just got a. microSD card FRiday in a bigger package. BUt it had an adapter…and packed in paper, which is biodegradable. I like cornstarch peanuts, too, rather than plastic. Go right in the garden.

  • David Roper


    How, NetPilot? With a box full of plastic bubbles and the wipers lying on the “floor” of the box? That’s real packing insulation, huh?

  • Netpilot

    You should see how Amazon packages windshield wipers…

  • Gonzo

    I rather receive extra package than just the micro sd card in a regular envelope with no protection at all… and if you regularly buy in the internet, you’ve probably seen lots of fail in packaging…

  • David Roper

    I bought a plastic, 1/16th inch thick “No Tresspassing” sign from Amazon. It was 12 X 15 inches and came lying flat in a box big enough to contain 4 – 6packs of Pepsi. It was so light I thought they had sent an empty box for fun. I called Greenpeace, too. …not.