Sony updates its high-end compact cameras with the RX100M2 and the RX1R

RX100 II_carton-1200

There are certainly many things that are only possible on bigger and bulkier DSLRs, but recent advancements have made some smaller, more pocket-sized cameras good enough that even discerning pros would be comfortable using them. Sony’s RX100 and RX1 are great examples of high performance compact cameras, and the company has announced updated models for both.

The Sony RX100M2 is the new version of the RX100 — but Sony says that instead of replacing the previous model, it’ll be joining in it in the lineup with a higher price point instead. The RX100M2 has a new  20.9-megapixel CMOS sensor, which they say will boost sensitivity for better low-light images, a serious weak point for many compact cameras. WiFi and NFC capabilities are being added, as well as a new 3-inch tilting LCD. Finally, the RX100M2 will be able to record full 1080p video at 24 frames per second.

The RX1R on the other hand is not exactly an updated model of the RX1, but more of a variant. The only difference besides the name is that the camera will have no optical low-pass filter, which according to the company will enable it to get “uncompromised image resolution” when compared to the RX1. In fact, a Sony representative says that the ‘R’ in the name is actually for resolution. Clever, Sony, very clever. The RX1R (and the original RX1) remains the smallest full-frame digital camera with a 35mm 24.3 effective megapixel sensor.


The RX100M2 is priced at $750 and the RX1R will be $2,800. Both cameras will be available in July.

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