Hilarious joke by BBC Entertainment [Image]


This was shown during the starting credits of a movie or show (anyone know what ‘The Coop 2’ is?) by the BBC. It was only flashed for a second or two, as is usual with these type of entering credits, and was only read by someone who paused the movie/show… as the last line indicates.

If I do say so myself, this is what I call good humor.

[via Reddit]

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  • Imsancho

    [@Tom] Well in that case I’m firing u. Clean out ur desk and give me your key card immediately and I shall have security escort you out. And no u may not use the restroom before you go. Good night and good luck!

  • Imsancho

    [@Kappy] “Adolescent humor”. Do u enjoy being old, out of touch and humorless. This was funny, I’m 30 which is certainly not adolescent, I bet u don’t laugh at poop jokes either you old goat

  • Kappy

    Wake me up when the laughing is over. One person sense of humour is another shear boredom at what they consider immature adolescent humor.

  • citizenearth

    Very funny. Maybe the only way for that ‘wanker’ to release his frustration…

  • jayesstee

    [@Seamus McSeamus]
    Of course the BBC bosses have a sense of humour – you should see the salaries they pay themselves.

  • jayesstee

    Many years ago, when digital watches were the latest, red hot, must have gadgets, you could tell if somebody had one from 50 paces, because (like with smartphones today) the proud owner would always be fiddling with it.
    I worked for a large organization who had a regularly published in-house staff magazine.
    One issue had a long poem about a digital watch wearer who spent his waking hours playing with the stopwatch, alarm and (probably) other functions.
    Within hours of publication and distribution, it was noticed that the first letter of each line spelt out the message:
    As there were 5000+ employees on site, I never did find out who the original “COBBOLD” was, but I had one, similar working for me.

  • etim

    Mongrels is a hilarious show and something like this is both typical and appropriate…for Mongrel humor, anyway.
    Check it out on the net but put the kids (and prudes) to bed 1st.

  • Louis

    Or perhaps someone who was leaving anyway, got his/her last chance at sabotaging the company heheh, this was definitely not done with a ‘stiff upper lip, what’ !

  • Seamus McSeamus

    The bad part of this is that, once the person who did this is ferreted out, he or she will probably be fired. The bosses at BBC are notorious for being sticks in the mud with no sense of humo(u)r.

  • Machar

    Can’t find a BBC show with this title but the cast list mirrors that of Mongrels: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongrels_(TV_series)

    It’s not listed as an episode but the humour matches that of the series.

  • anonymail

    [@anonymail]I hate autocorrect!


  • anonymail

    Brilliant! The world needs more humor.

    And not just body part and fun to on jokes!

  • Tom

    I’d fire the wanker who did this.