Digg opens its RSS reader to the public, just in time for Google Reader shutdown


In case you forgot, July 1 is the day Google Reader will be no more. Fortunately for Digg and users that may not have found a new home just yet, the Digg Reader has left beta after a week of testing and is finally ready for public consumption.

Unlike some of the more mature offerings out there, Digg Reader still needs a little work. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely works as advertised, but it lacks some key features that might make it a deal breaker for RSS nuts, at least in the beginning. Here are some of the features that aren’t quite part of their reader just yet, but Digg says they’ll be working to add them quickly:

  • “View Unread Items Only” option for feeds and folders
  • “Mark As Unread” button
  • Accurate unread counts for feeds and folders


One important feature that’s already there, however, is a handy little button that lets you import your Google Reader data. It might sound obvious, but a little thing like can go a long way into making the transition from Google Reader as easy as possible and for attracting new users as well.

If you wanna give Digg Reader a shot, you can do so at the links below. A web version and iOS app are what’s currently available, and Digg says an Android app will be released in the next few weeks.

Digg Reader homepage

Digg for iOS on Apple App Store

[via Digg]

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