“Talking window” is a new type of ad that plays when you rest your head against a window in a train


Ad agency BBDO Germany have teamed up with it’s German counterpart, broadcaster Sky Deustchland, to develop a technology which plays ads to travelers on trains when they rest their heads against a window. This is made possible by a bone conduction technology which according to the report by the BBC’s Leo Kelion is “a technique that transmits sound to the inner ear by passing vibrations through the skull”. You know, like a talking window.

The report states that similar technology has been used before in hearing aids, swimmers’  and runners’ headphones as well as trick devices used by magicians.

The technology has been met with some skepticism however, as it appears to be a rather intrusive means of advertising. Sky Deustschland has indicated that they are still exploring the possibilities of this technology. The BBC report also suggests that Google has intentions of integrating this concept into their upcoming Google Glass device.

Used for transmitting ads, this technology may come across as intrusive and annoying. If used for media consumption which the user actual consents to then BBDO and Sky Deustchland may actually be onto something great.

[via BBC, image from BBDO via BBC]

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