Apple seeks patent for self-adjusting earbuds based on seal quality

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Perhaps one product that Apple obviously wants to perfect is the earphones that accompany the iPhone and iPod Touch. The most recent effort brought about the recent iteration of the Apple earphones which came with the iPhone 5 and latest generation of iPod media players. Unfortunately, despite the new features and look of the earphones, it seems that customers are still unhappy. This is probably the reason why Apple continues to explore other technologies that will enhance their earphones.

So, the latest of Apple’s effort towards creating the perfect earphone was discovered through a patent filing for a new earphone technology. This was discovered by Apple Insider as published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Said filing details Apple’s electronic device and headset with speaker seal evaluation capabilities. It describes a new earbud that calibrates itself to provide better audio reproduction – depending on ear shapes and sizes. In addition, the patent also hinted on noise cancelling headphones that relies on earbud-to-ear seals.

The patent filing also describes a new way for measuring earbud fit based on several signals such as electrical current and acoustic indicators. With the measurement obtained, the technology will then tell the earbuds how to adapt to less than perfect seal, changing equalizer, altering balance and other settings to produce better audio.

This is still a patent filing so we don’t if Apple has already started manufacturing new earphones with self-adjusting earbuds. But if it does come into fruition, then Apple will finally be able to hit it big in the earphones market.

[via Apple Insider]

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