If the iPhone 6 looks this awesome, I will buy it [Image]











I’ve been an Android user for years and even I must say: wow! This is an iPhone 6 concept by Johnny Plaid of Los Angeles California. He put together the concept in March of this year. And the best part? His iPhone concept is the exact same physical design as the iPhone 5 but with a larger 4.5-inch screen.

If Apple releases the next iPhone like this, I will buy it. And that means a lot coming from me. Unfortunately, the next iPhone probably won’t look like this — too many software issues Apple will have to deal with in regards to having an edge-to-edge screen.

[via JohnnyPlaid]

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  • Ashraf

    [@Coyote] That is where software comes into play. This type of phone would require software that would allow you to hold the phone like normal without activating its touch.

  • Frank

    Hey Coyote,
    how you’re doing? :)
    You’re not too wrong about this but it was simply solved by making the outer most 1-5 mm of the screen ‘display only’ (i.e. non-touch).
    As soon as that is defined app devels can adapt to it.

    Besides I don’t see the use of even larger buttons! If at all I put 7 rows on the screen, not 6 larger ones*.


    * who does remember the good old days of Windows Mobile with the little pen you used to operate the device? There was more than double the information displayed/available in less screen space than today. I sincerely hate all these i-diots (and A-diots) who made it attractive to industry to produce for the stupid touchy touchy.

  • Coyote

    Sorry I don’t see the appeal of the wrap around bezel. You need some way to hold the phone without activating anything for gods sake. With this you’ll be more likely to drop the damned thing trying to chase things off the edge of the screen. :P

  • Ashraf

    [@Louis] Best way is to email me or post on the forums. Thanks for the link!

  • Louis

    Hi Ashraf

    That would be great to have a phone like that, no matter which brand ! Perhaps Samsung will figure out how to do so first.

    Off topic : I have a question, but looking around the site, didn’t find an appropriate place to post this, so hope you don’t mind me putting it here :

    I just read a very interesting article on the “howtogeek” website :

    It’s about a hidden function in what seems to be Windows 7 +, called “Windows Reliability Monitor”, it’s apparently easiest to find by just typing ‘reliability’ in the Start button search box — it gives one all kinds of feedback on reasons for system malfunctions etc, and the overall stability of one’s system.

    Have you ever written something about this ?

    I can’t believe I’ve only just heard of it !

    I saw it here :


  • Prema

    Android FTW!! lol