Dell exploring ideas in the “wearable computing” space


With Google busy perfecting its Google Glass product, and both Apple and Samsung rumored to be gearing up their own smartwatches, another computer giant is reported to be exploring ideas in the so-called “wearable computing” space. That company happens to be Dell with its global vice-president of personal computing Sam Burd, telling the Guardian that the company is “exploring ideas in the said space.

Dell certainly needs to be exploring other space which it can invest on since its computer making business is struggling. And even the market is slowly shifting towards portables, be it smartphones, tablets and now smartwatch.

Mr. Burd however recognizes the fact that entering a space which is still new will have many challenges especially when it comes to cost. But, the folks at Dell finds it interesting that computers are getting smaller and its market potential is pretty interesting and appealing. And besides the company needs to rise rise from the slump it experienced in the smartphone and tablet markets. Dell has not released a follow-up to the Dell Streak “phablet” which came long before the Samsung Galaxy Note became popular.

All that being said, it will be interesting to see how Dell will approach what it calls the “wearable computing” space. Only time can tell whether Dell will be able to get back on its feet and become a formidable force in the computing world again.

[via The Guardian, image via Dell, Inc.]

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