[Review] RegTidy

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Version reviewed:

System Requirements:

Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/Seven x32 & x64

Software description as per GOTD:

RegTidy is a powerful registry cleaner and registry optimizer, it speeds up your PC by cleaning your Windows Registry and helps you improve your PC’s performance by optimizing your Registry, cleanup and Optimize your Windows Xp 98 NT System, Top Registry Key Error Fixer Software.It is so easy, you only need to make a few clicks. You can safely clean the errors & invalid entries which cause system slowdown, freezing and crashing, and repair registry problems to speedup your PC performance.

Improve your PC performance without expensive hardware upgrades!


RegTidy is a questionable program; it is a “rogue scanner”. In other words, it is one of those programs that advertises “download me and scan your computer to find problems”. When a user downloads and scans their computer, RegTidy scans show misleading/excessive results. Then when a user wants to fix the “errors” RegTidy found, RegTidy tells the user to purchase a license in order to remove all the “errors”. Now of course today from GOTD we are getting a full version license, so we will be able to remove the “errors” RegTidy finds. However, I see no reason why anyone should have to put up with a developer who adds to the scareware problem.

Detailed evidence can be found at:

WOT Page for RegTidy

A-squared Rating for RegTidy

hpHosts Blog Post on RegTidy

My advice: don’t bother with RegTidy. Instead, grab Glary Utilities, TuneUp Utilities 2008, CCleaner, or Advanced SystemCare Free. CCleaner has always been a favorite of mine. Since TuneUp Utilities 2008 is an “old outdated” version, people running Windows 7 may want to avoid it, although I don’t see it causing much problems.

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  • I did download this and it’s doing fine.. No problems, yet.


  • Alan

    RegScrubXP for you XP users. Personally, I use all the above plus this one as they all seem to find something the other ones have missed.

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: You are all welcome =).

  • koCka

    Thanks to Ashraf! This post was VERY HELPFUL!

  • 4624Raymond

    Thanks for ‘outing’ this ‘scareware’
    Or would ‘scumware’ be a better description.
    Perhaps there should be (here perhaps?) a list
    of programs to avoid, including all the roque
    anti virus progs. etc.

  • Jack

    Thanks, I almost downloaded that.

  • Shi

    I am happy with ccleaner so won’t be bothering with this one especially since it gets such a bad reveiw from Ashraf. Tried others but there free version oftendoesn’t get rid of the problems. CCleaner incorporates a startup utility and now has a system restore feature that shows your restore points.

  • Is this tool a joke.??
    It scans, shows some invalid entries, and ask to Repair All,

    But there is no Repair All option/button on its interface :(

  • Jeanjean

    Guru, savior, precious…
    What am I going to find yet ?
    Oh yes ! King of computing.(lol)
    Thanks for warning us !

  • Wow! I just spent like an hour reading all those links. That’s kind of scary.

  • Tortuga

    Dear Ash :lol:

    Many many MANY Thanks!!
    This is exactly why you are so precious to us!!
    When I say our machines are in much better condition w you around … I ain’t kidding!!! !!!

    You save us from soooo much trouble!

    Have a great day

  • amzai

    Ashraf you are our savior in the world of technology.
    We do appreciate your hard work.I’ll pass on this one.

    best regards,

  • Blackbird

    Don’t forget about “Easy Cleaner”. It WORKS VERY WELL,… & in over 1 & 1/2 Years… has done NO DAMAGE to my registry….. The ONLY…. NEGATIVE…. MAKE SURE THAT you do NOT USE the “DUPLICATE FILES” part,…. the rest is very GOOD!

  • Wow, what a strike..
    Ok then, I pass today giveaway.

  • Ozzie

    Tsk, tsk … shame on GOTD for promoting this. And congrats to the guru for taking it to task.