Winners of free 1 year Panda Internet Security licenses and no review for giveaway of October 30, 2009

Hello Friends,

Two housekeeping things to discuss:

Congratulations to everyone that won and better luck next time to everyone that did not. Thank you all for participating.

If your name is listed above, please check your e-mail inbox for an e-mail from “admin [at]” with the subject of “Panda Internet Security 2010 1 Year License”. Your 1 year license code and a download link to Panda Internet Security 2010 are in the e-mail.

  • There will be no review for the giveaway of October 30, 2009. The reason for this is I have been extremely busy this week (ugh) and I have lots of dotTech management issues to deal with, mainly concerning the new theme, which I probably won’t even end up finishing but I would like to devote my limited time to them right now. However, today’s giveaway looks very interesting, so be sure to check it out even though I am not going to review it.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


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  • I Love You Man!

    Thanks a lot Mr. Ashraf

  • Dieu

    Thanks you! I want 1 license key …!!

  • Tortuga

    One should not be surprised but it always amazes me …

    155 people asked/pleaded for a key!
    But even those that won, few said thanks :roll:

    Hope at least you had a bit of fun Ashraf, as I can’t imagine the amount of hours it took from your studies & family to do all this.
    Don’t understand why can’t people aren’t a little more gracious :?

  • Shi

    Thanks for activation code. Am a first time winner of anything on the net. My excitement was daunted by the fact that my key was already used by someone who must of seen it displayed on a public site. Oh well. thanks anyways.

  • Bob

    Thank you Ashraf!

  • mohsen

    thanks for your panda give away.but I’m not sure if i want to use it.
    i knew it’s a heavy antivirus so after installing, i decided to check it’s memory usage,and i choked to see total of 327 MB ;even more than my windows memory usage,next i scanned a new virus which i found in coffee-net and again panda disappointed me.
    both avira and a-squared were able to detect this virus.
    it’s interface is another subject;
    there is no option to disable antivirus temporally from tray icon unless completely shut down it,and by launching panda,it’s make a few second to load again.

  • EWOKmeister

    @Ozzie: Hey, I did not say that I had not had a drink since then, so to speak! I’ve purchased more than a few brewskis since then! :)

    I’m still quite grateful.

  • youngatheart1946

    G’day from Down Under,
    thank you so very much Ashraf for random picking me to be one of the recipients of a 12 month subscription to Panda Internet Security 2010. I spend quite a lot of time on the “net” and equally as much time reading your blog with much interest and admiration. I was seriously considering purchasing PIS 2010 after reading much about it and was very pleased when you gave your loyal followers the opportunity to get it for free. Once again Mate, thank you and keep up your great service to us all.
    Sincerely yours….youngatheart1946

  • Ozzie

    @EWOKmeister: ROFL! 1965!!!!! That’s a mighty long time between drinks, so to speak! You heartily deserved to win something! :) Hilarious!!!!!

  • EWOKmeister

    This is really awesome, Ashraf. I send out a fervent wish of gratitude to you. This is the first time I have won anything since I won a 12 pack of Bavaria beer in 1965 at our church festival and the first time ever that I won something that I actually needed. Your generosity in sharing this opportunity for all of us is appreciated.

  • Apu

    For those of who who aren’t winner, try out AntiVir. It is free and is rated by AV Comparatives as higher than all other AVs.

  • Steve O’Connor

    Hi, THANK-YOU Very Much for the Panda Security suite. I’ve just installed it and everything is running terrific. I only had 3 days to go before my other Security suite expired. Once again Thank-you.
    Cheers, Steve

  • RoseD1st

    Thank you so much Ashraf!