This underwear releases a sweet smell when you get sweaty

Le Slip Francais

Many men wear underpants (underwear) — the age of slipping on a brief in the mornings after a shower is a dying act. With underpants becoming the defacto undergarment to hide that which man holds dear, a French clothes designer thought it is high time to come out with the next generation of underpants with some new innovations.

You might be a little bit skeptical as to what kind of changes could be made to the underpants so it won’t look like something from Victoria’s Secret. Well, according to the crowd funding website My Major Company, a French company that goes by the name Le Slip Francais, plans on creating an underpants that releases a sweet aroma when you begin to sweat in them. Now, for many men around the globe, this idea might sound interesting, but how practical is it in real world usage.

“You get the underpants and they smell of nothing; you put on the underpants, they still don’t smell, but when you start walking, the underpants smell good,” says Le Slip Francais

It is possible this idea from Le Slip Francais could work, however, a sweet aroma mixed with a musky scent never turns out well in the end. The company calls its new sweet smelling underpants “the indomitable,” and it is designed to keep smelling good for up to 30 washes. In addition, after the sweet scent has disappeared, the underpants as expected would still be wearable.

So far, Le Slip Francais has over 500 backers on My Major Company, with over 22,252 Euros in donation. The company tag line is, “You want to change the world, you want to change things, start by changing your underpants!”

[via My Major Company]

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