Samsung Galaxy S III explodes in girl’s pocket, leaving her leg badly burned

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 4.27.33 PM

This is really scary. We might not realize it, but the device that we carry around with us everyday could explode at anytime. It rarely happens, but it’s possible. And for one unlucky girl in Switzerland, her phone did just that.

An 18-year old girl’s Samsung Galaxy S III exploded while it was in her pants, leaving her with a very bad burn on her leg. Her coworker actually had to rip off her pants to prevent further injury. Just take a look at what the phone looked like after it exploded, and imagine that happening in your pocket. Ouch.


There’s also a photo of the poor girl’s leg, but it’s not necessary to show it here. Samsung Switzerland is currently investigating the incident and will be sending the phone to Korea for examination. Hopefully the company figures out what went wrong and prevents this from happening again in the future.

[via Android Beat]

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