Tely Labs launches telyHD Pro, a cost effective videoconferencing system for businesses

Tely Labs telyHD Pro

On Wednesday July 10, Tely Labs launched its videoconferencing system known as telyHD Pro that provides small and large businesses with standards-based interoperability and unmatched functionality and performance at an easy to handle price point. According to Tely Labs, the telyHD Pro will allow more people in businesses to take part in video conferencing, which should ultimately increase productivity along with decreasing travel time and cost.

The new telyHD Pro seems to be a powerful videoconferencing tool for the enterprise market, as the platform supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Furthermore, businesses that are unable to finance their own videoconferencing groundwork, can simply sign up to Tely Labs’s telyCloud service.

Sreekanth Ravi, founder and CEO of Tely Labs, said demand is high for videoconferencing systems with ease of use and standard functionality, which is why the company came up with the telyHD Pro to better reach small and large businesses.

For those who are interested in the telyHD Pro, the asking price here is a $649, which includes a year of software updates free of charge, and a subscription to telyCloud. Furthermore, the device is schedule for release in early August, unfortunately, Tely Labs did not release the exact date.

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